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2009 ACHIEVE Accounting Competition

Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS) was host to the provincial ACHIEVE Accounting Competition on Friday, February 6th, 2009. This competition was designed as a way for 3rd and 4th year university students to demonstrate their skills in front of industry professionals in competition with accounting students from other universities.


The Ryerson ACHIEVE Accounting Competition was the fourth case competition that I have had the opportunity to participate in and it was by far my favourite. It was the first competition where I really got to put to use everything that I have learned here at Nipissing. Other case competitions that I have been in, combined both knowledge and a little but of luck, but this one was solely based on knowledge and skills and really gave Nipissing the chance to compare our School of Business with those of the other, bigger, more well-known universities. Having the opportunity to meet and interact with business students from accross Ontario was also a huge benefit to this event. It took a while for them to understand that being from North Bay didn't mean we lived in igloos and had polar bears as pets, but we got them to understand eventually. I still think that everyone was a little shocked that a little university from the North came in second place. Overall the event was amazing and I highly recommend that more Nipissing students participate in these types of events. Not only is it an experience of a lifetime, but the more we increase our exposure in events like this, the sooner everyone else will realize what we've known all along - that Nipissing University really is a business school of choice in Ontario.

Stephanie McGinnis BBA Student




To me, Nipissing University’s BBA program was about more than just classroom experiences. While the lectures delivered the content and the course work reinforced the ideas, it was the faculty who really made the difference. They were the ones who made it possible for me to get involved and for me to make the most out of my education.

I began as a research assistant and teaching assistant, working with statistics and marking economics papers. Even though my passion is marketing, it was an opening that allowed me to get involved with SBE committees. Following that, I was a VP and later the President of the Student Association and I even served on the University’s Board of Governors. These experiences were enriched by faculty support. I can remember so many occasions where I worked with business professors to solve some tough issues. Their insight, coupled with concepts from the courses allowed me to succeed in my roles.

Most recently, I was in a national competition against 130 of Canada’s best marketing students, and I finished as a runner up. Support from marketing professors allowed me to excel against competitors from over 20 other universities. There is no doubt in my mind that Nipissing gives its students the tools to excel in the business world.

Sean Feretycki BBA Student



As an international student from Germany, Nipissing University offered me much more than “merely” an amazing education. On a trip to Kenya in 2007, with one of the School of Business professors and a small group of students, I had the opportunity to work in a challenging environment and meet interesting people from a different culture. The personal outcomes of an opportunity like this cannot be put into a few sentences. Besides the friendships that were built and the countless humbling moments that we got to experience, it offered me the opportunity to write a marketing case study, about one of the projects that we worked on in Kenya.  This case was then admitted into a national conference. Presenting this case in Halifax was an amazing way to end four incredible years at Nipissing!

Sebastian Herrmann BBA 2008



Originally enrolling in marketing in Nipissing’s School of Business and Economics, I was seeking an education to allow me to progress in my career in sales. Thanks to the Nipissing SBE’s close-knit structure and approachable faculty, I gained an opportunity to pursue research in Beijing, China during the summer of my second year. The experience was incredible. The sights, sounds and people made me more aware of the world at large. I also picked up invaluable practical research experience. Overall, the opportunity ignited my zeal to continue beyond the undergraduate level in my education and ultimately pursue a career in marketing research. Undoubtedly, I owe my change of perspective to Nipissing’s School of Business and Economics.

Don Lord, BBA 2nd year student 2008
Beijing, China

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The Nipissing University SBE presented me with endless opportunities to improve myself both academically and professionally. I was a research assistant, a teaching assistant, and was asked to be part of several SBE committees while completing my business degree. Becoming involved in the SBE community not only enriched my experience as an undergraduate, but also improved my prospects when applying to graduate programs in Economics.

Derek Stacey,
BBA - Nipissing University
Master of Economics - Queen's
Currently pursing PhD in Economics - Queen's

Having the opportunity to be among the first class of BBA graduates from Nipissing University was a great honour. My BBA degree prepared me for a successful career in Human Resources at TD Canada Trust. Having the ability to work for TD Canada Trust while completing my education prepared me well for the working world. Now close to 20 years later, I am still using my education and skills that I gained from Nipissing in my career as an HR Professional. It is exciting for me to see the resumes come across my desk which highlights the Nipissing BBA program; they are definitely worth a second look.

Kim Noaik,
BBA - Nipissing

My BBA Degree from Nipissing University prepared me to successfully become a Chartered Accountant (CA). The professors at Nipissing University provided me with guidance and mentoring after graduation in preparation of writing my accounting exams. The knowledge and skills obtained through my studies at Nipissing University has allowed me to work anywhere in the world. I am presently employed by an accounting firm on the subtropical island of Bermuda, spending my spare time scuba diving the ship wrecks around the island and spending weekends on the beach. My experience at Nipissing University has enabled me to meet many wonderful people as well as providing me an opportunity to gain valuable international business exposure.

Jaynie Wallace
BBA (Hons) Nipissing University, MBA, CA

I'd consider hiring Nipissing SBE graduates because I feel that the University provides a strong background in most business areas. Personally, the accounting and economics courses have helped me with my business.

Jamie Martyn,
BBA (2000) - Nipissing University,
Partner Kennedy Insurance Brokers

Unlike most of my fellow BBA students my plan has never been to become the CEO or CFO of a multimillion dollar corporation or even to get a professional designation. My plan was to get a well-rounded business education, which I could then combine with a teaching degree to become a high school business and technology teacher. These teachers are key in fostering students for future university studies in business. The Nipissing BBA program allows students to stream into a number of specialized areas; however, with the BBA program a student can also obtain a general education and get a broader knowledge of the business world. A student-driven university, like Nipissing, helps students achieve their goals.

What I loved about obtaining my BBA degree at Nipissing University is the personal environment offered by the both the professors as well as the administration. This personal environment has allowed me to get individual support that I required, while still earning the same business education that the larger universities offer. Business students, coming out of the BBA program at Nipissing University, can stand on their own two feet when competing against students from major Ontario universities.

The Nipissing University BBA program has given me “more than a degree”; it has given me a profession and confidence in my education.

Gayle Moffat
BBA (2008) - Nipissing University,
BEd (2009) - Nipissing University

The goal of a business education should be more than just a piece of paper. At Nipissing, you are not just a name and number to your professors. You have ongoing discussions and dialogue with them about not only the course content but how that relates and interacts with the headlines and stories that are occurring on Main Street, Bay Street, Sussex Drive and the rest of the world. These discussions, which occur not just in the classroom, make Nipissing a great place for business. When you take Nipissing business courses, you become part of a community that cares, a family that supports and guides you on whatever educational & career path you choose.

Craig Perry
BA (2008) - Nipissing University,
BEd (2009) - Nipissing University

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