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Business Administration

Our faculty offers a unique approach providing both in-depth business knowledge and broad personal experiences to deliver more than just a degree.
Choose to specialize in one of our five Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) streams including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Studies and Technology Management.
The new Finance stream is a great option for students interested in pursuing a career in the dynamic financial sector. Students may elect to choose between Entrepreneurial Finance and Financial Product Sales Professional.
Our collegial, small class environment encourages learning, participation, and lively debate. You will experience formal lectures, small group discussions, and individual study.
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Welcome to the Bachelor of Business Administration program

On campus in North Bay

Distance Learning option available

If you want to prepare for a career, and for life in general, Nipissing’s School of Business offers a unique approach to learning that gives you more than a degree. Along with core business knowledge, our faculty will help you develop professional and social skills. The program’s combination of theoretical background, practical skills, experience, independent thinking, and problem solving will give you an advantage and better chance of success in a competitive market.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

In the first year of this Honours program, you will study a cross-section of business disciplines to acquire a broad foundation.

The Degree and General Management Preparation

The BBA Degree is structured to provide students with general business knowledge and skills and the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge and skills. In terms of general management knowledge, throughout the four years students move from introductory courses and learning how to apply business tools to more senior studies in creating competitive advantage through business strategy, entrepreneurship and change management. Some students choose to pursue breadth in their degree program (e.g. taking more ADMN courses and electives from the Humanities or Sciences) and do not select a stream, whereas others appreciate the opportunity to pursue more specialized expertise in the functional streams of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational studies and technology management.

As you progress, you may choose to focus on a particular area and, by meeting specific requirements, can specialize in one of the following areas:

Accounting Stream

Accounting is about more than financial controls and reporting — it’s also about fiscal and social responsibility. Accounting professionals need to show due diligence, and to think and act ethically when they evaluate options. You will be challenged to think not only about the shareholders, but all stakeholders when making decisions. You will learn the uses and limitations of accounting information through case studies, simulation, and hands-on learning experiences. You will gain an understanding of many topics, including auditing, information systems auditing, taxation, consolidation, not-for-profit accounting, hedges, and foreign exchange within your advanced accounting courses. You will participate in tax clinics, where accounting students prepare tax returns for low-income households and perform “mock audits” on local not-for-profit organizations. You will have help preparing for the CPA professional examinations. This combination of social awareness, academic vigor, practical experience, and support is what helps our graduates succeed in today’s marketplace.


Managers use the tools of Economics to analyse major management decisions. As an Economics student, discover theories and economic models that provide a framework for understanding complex issues in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Central concepts from economics – demand and supply, marginal analysis, perfect competition and monopoly, and game theory – are applied to important business and government problems. Learn how to make intelligent management decisions and understand current events and the consequences of government policies. You will have the opportunity to study the structure of the Canadian economy, public policy, money, banking and financial institutions, managerial economics, the labour market, and the inter-dependence of nations in the global economy. You will be introduced to the many theories and policies surrounding economic development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and examine issues like poverty, inequality, education, health, migration, agriculture, and foreign aid, and other challenges faced by advanced and developing economies.

Finance Stream

The Finance stream is a great option for students interested in pursuing a career in the dynamic financial sector. Depending on their interests and career goals, students in the finance stream may elect to choose between one of two focus areas: Entrepreneurial Finance and Financial Product Sales. Students pursuing the Entrepreneurial Finance path will learn how to raise funds for start-up businesses, create realistic financial plans, effectively manage a firm’s cash flows, and interact effectively with banks and investors. This path will prepare students for financial roles in small businesses, entrepreneurial firms or commercial banking. Such positions could include financial managers, credit specialists, controller positions, etc. Those following the Financial Product Sales Specialist path will learn about a large variety of financial products and services existing in modern markets, how to create good financial portfolios based on a client’s risk preferences and how to adjust financial strategies taking into account age, career situation and family situation. They will also learn about new areas such as wealth management including real estate, inheritance issues, tax strategies, etc. This path will prepare students to work in areas such as financial products sales, insurance and financial advising, among others. Students enrolled in the finance stream have the option to work towards a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance or Certificate in Financial Product Sales.

Marketing Stream

Marketing influences many of our decisions, from small day-to-day decisions like what to eat for lunch, to large important decisions like what kind of car to buy or choosing a university. Marketing is about more than advertising and promotion—it’s also about making strategic decisions about products/ services, pricing, and distribution. In the marketing stream, you will develop the critical thinking skills you need to make good managerial decisions in a competitive marketplace. You will learn fundamental marketing concepts, research methods, market analysis, and strategies related to consumer behaviour, brand management, and business-to-business marketing. You will also learn about marketing communication, promotions, merchandising, public relations, packaging, as well as, direct and digital marketing. True to our more-than-a-degree promise, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply communication and interaction skills and to develop leadership, negotiation, and team management skills. The Marketing Stream offers a variety of elective courses in specialized areas such as sport, social marketing, international marketing, sales management, and innovative marketing. The marketing specialization is accredited by the Canadian Institute of Marketing.

Organizational Studies and Human Resources Management Stream

The Organizational Studies program examines the role of economic, sociological and political factors and how they influence the types of organizations we create and work within. In this program students investigate from both a theoretical and practical perspective how both private and public sector organizations are designed and managed and how they interact with other institutions, the economy, society and the physical environment. Human resources management is a key component of the program and students can focus on managing and motivating staff with curriculum based on the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation and accredited by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) of Ontario. The program places an emphasis on ethical management with a focus on social, economic and environmental responsibility. Many students choose to pursue experiential learning options within the program including the School of Business iLEAD internships, research, and special projects such as our annual trips to Jamaica to work with eco-tourism partners.

According to Canadian Business magazine, Human Resources management jobs are included in the top 20 rankings for 2015 with a 12% increase in the number of jobs and a corresponding 14% salary increase in the period 2008-2014. Graduates will be well-positioned to pursue careers in HR, diversity and general management, staff development, public policy, banking, and many other managerial positions.

Technology Management Stream

Technology touches all parts of everyday life, both personal and professional. Our Technology Management stream gives you an appreciation of the technological complexities, issues, and strategies managers face. You can study a broad range of technology: e-business, system analysis and design, GIS and computer mapping, innovation and technology, computer and information systems, and the impact of technology on the environment. This specialization is designed to provide graduates with an advantage in the job market.

iLEAD Business Experience Certificate

iLead logoThe iLEAD Business Experience Certificate is a unique way to Learn through Experience, Action and Discovery. It offers business students the opportunity to earn credits toward their degree through directed study, honours thesis, workplace internships, overseas study and service to others, all in an effort to provide "more than a degree".

The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate will be awarded to Business students (BBA and BComm) at the time of graduation. Learn More...

Certificate in Human Resources Management

In addition to core requirements, Business students complete a Certificate in Human Resource Management. Students must use 15 credits of specific electives to satisfy the Certificate requirements. Learn More...

Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate

In addition to core requirements, students in a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree program may complete a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance. Students should refer to the academic calendar to view the academic requirements and courses required to graduate with this certificate. Learn More...

Financial Product Sales Professional Certificate

In addition to core requirements, students in a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree program may complete a Certificate in Financial Product Sales. Students should refer to the academic calendar to view the academic requirements and courses required to graduate with this certificate. Learn More...

CPA Logo 

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA)

Students enrolled in Nipissing's BBA Accounting stream are able to satisfy the preparatory course requirements for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation while working towards their degree. Upon graduation, students would enter CPA's Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). The School of Business works closely with the Chartered Professional Accountants to ensure its courses are aligned with CPA's learning outcome requirements.

CPA pathway for BBA students

Greg CharbonneauFor the past school year, I have sat on the CPA Board of Ambassadors for Nipissing University. It has been my pleasure to promote the CPA brand on campus and act as an official point of reference for any students interested in pursuing their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. The experience that I have gotten from CPA and the Nipissing School of Business has been amazing. From hosting information sessions at Nipissing, to presenting in front of my peers and other members of the board, my skillset has grown immensely. I’ve been able to connect with several faculty members along with many members of the accounting community. It has led to crucial aspects in furthering my career like letters of recommendations and most importantly a job for when I finish school!

I encourage anyone who is considering entering accounting to get in touch with our CPA student recruiter, Mallory Rellinger, to see how you can take the next step.

Greg Charbonneau – current BBA student
CPA Board of Ambassadors, Nipissing University Representative

HRPA Logo 

Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)

Students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources Management have the opportunity to complete all of the courses required to satisfy the prescribed coursework requirements for the two designations. The School of Business has worked with the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPA) to ensure our courses are aligned with their learning outcomes requirements. If you are interested in becoming a student member of the HRPA, North Bay also has its very own chapter. The North Bay Chapter represents a large geographical area and its HR practitioner members provide services to a diverse spectrum of industries.


Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)

Formerly known as the Certified Professional Purchasers designation (CPP), graduates from Nipissing’s BBA degree program can obtain advanced standing toward earning the SCMP designation. The accreditation program leading to the Certified SCMP designation is the most comprehensive in the field of supply chain management and is balanced to deliver advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level business skills.

CMA Logo 

Canadian Marketing Association

CMA’s student membership program provides many benefits for full-time post-secondary students. Students gain access to numerous resources that will help in their marketing studies and allow them to network with future employers.

Our collegial, small class environment encourages learning, participation, and lively debate. You will experience formal lectures, small group discussions, and individual study. Classes are led by faculty with diverse backgrounds and business experiences who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge through research.

You will have opportunities to enter team business competitions, study overseas, gain practical experience, study toward professional designation, and conduct research to earn credits toward your degree. You will be encouraged to question how business is conducted and to examine how stakeholders’ interests can be served. You will learn how other cultures approach business issues, the importance of sustainable business, and how to balance the responsibilities of life and the environment with commercial concerns. You will be well-prepared for the workforce or postgraduate studies, with the self-assurance and skills you need for a successful future.


  • iPad cart
  • Accounting (ACCT) drop-in lab
  • Math drop-in lab

Academic Support Services

Our goal is to support your academic and personal development. Look for assistance with accessibility services, learning style assessments, writing skills, writing formats, study strategies, time management, note-taking skills, academic resources, group seminars, peer support, career development activities, and more. Learn More...

Financial Support Services

Achieve your goals on time and on budget. We’ll help you fund your education through scholarships, awards, bursaries, government assistance, and work study programs. Learn More...

Scholarships, awards and bursaries for students in Business Administration program

Internationalize your Degree

If you want to experience a year or a semester at one of our partner schools across the globe, we have support services and programs to help you get there. If you want to assist International students with adjusting to life in Canada, we’ll connect you. Check out your options...

Personal Counselling Services

Our registered counsellors offer free, year-round personal counselling services, specialized therapeutic groups, referral services and a host of wellness, educational and awareness events to all full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Learn More...


Our top-rated residences will make you feel right at home. You will make fast friends with your residence community. Our student leaders, Residence Dons, and award winning residence staff give tutorials on everything from the basics of laundry and cooking to making connections within the community. Learn More...​​​​

iLEAD Logo 


The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate is a unique way to Learn through Experience, Action and Discovery. It offers business students the opportunity to earn credits toward their degree through directed study, honours thesis, workplace internships, overseas study and service to others, all in an effort to provide "more than a degree".

Click Here For More Information about the iLEAD Program.

Enactus Nipissng Logo 


Enactus is a worldwide organization that has hundreds of post-secondary institutions looking to solve needs in their communities.

ENtrepreneurial: having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;
ACTion: the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;
US: a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.


Entrepreneurship Development Centre (E-Hub)

Have you dreamed of owning your own business? We can help. At the E-Hub, we are focused on helping make your dreams of independence a reality. Think of us as a launch pad to help start and grow your business or idea. Our goal is to help promote an entrepreneurial culture on-campus and help you get the resources you need to succeed.

Human Resources Student Netowrk 

Human Resources Student Network

To promote and encourage the success and development of future professionals within the field of Human Resources.

Investment Club  

Nipissing University Investment Society

Informal lectures and discussions taught through the Investment Society are designed for students and investors who want to build and manage a successful portfolio. These lectures given by Pierre Fournier, demonstrate how to construct a balanced portfolio, adjust it for risk, and trade position as needed to maintain returns while minimizing your risk. There is also focus on how to protect and grow your investment by allocating your asset mix to the right places at the right time while generating a stable income from your portfolio.


Nipissing University Business Community (NUBC)

NUBC is a student organization that helps School of Business students get the most from their education. It organizes events that facilitate networking between students and community members, and assist in developing relationships between students and faculty, as well as other business-related activities to help students gain more than a degree.

International Experiences

In conjunction with non-governmental organizations, business students and their professors have the opportunity to travel to rural areas in other countries for a few weeks at a time to learn about different cultures and how economic development concerns can be a barrier to expansion.

We also offer the opportunity to study abroad for a specified period of time. Through a study exchange program, credits earned internationally are transferred to your Nipissing University Degree. Other programs include summer courses, international conferences, research projects, volunteering, language training, and group study tours. By taking an international opportunity, you will gain a global perspective and internationalize your degree.

The Nipissing Promise

Students enrolled in the Nipissing University Promise program will be invited to return to Nipissing, tuition free, for up to 30 additional credits if six months after completing their four-year undergraduate degree program with a 70 percent average and all required elements of the program, they have not secured career-related employment.

For more information please visit The Nipissing Promise.

Leadership and Community Engagement

If you are eager to get involved beyond the classroom, take part in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, which gives you the opportunity to present your work to peers, professors, and family members. You may also have opportunity to work as a Research Assistant to help a professor conduct research and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Record of Student Development

Involvement and experiential learning lead to more personal and academic success by connecting classroom learning to real world experience. Volunteer on your campus and within the community and be officially recognized for all that you do. The Record of Student Development (RSD) documents that you have completed a series of involvement outcomes that all employers are looking for. Achieving all the competencies associated with the RSD will help you communicate the depth of your experiences as you apply to career opportunities.

Employers are looking for people with the following proven abilities:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Teamwork

To register and see the full list of RSD competencies visit

Student Union

Students attending Nipissing University in North Bay and long distance students are members of the Nipissing University Student Union. Our organization strives to represent students democratically, provide a communication framework, and lobby for legislative change on issues that affect students.


Exercise and healthy competition always help to clear the mind.


Nipissing’s Athletics Department offers a wide range of intramural activities to keep you on your game


Club sports are available to all Nipissing students and are both recreational and competitive.


Go Lakers! Our varsity athletes always bring their “A” game. Get your friends together and come out to cheer on your favourite teams.


Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a weekend warrior, Nipissing has just what you need.



Prasad Ravi


 Full-time Faculty

Dr. Anahit Armenakyan
image of Dr. Anahita Baregheh
Dr. Glenn Brophey
photo of Dr. Natalya Brown
Dianne Davis
Dr. David Hemsworth
Dr. Denyse Lafrance-Horning
Dr. Jonathan Muterera
Dr. John Nadeau

 Part-time Faculty

David Plouffe

Carly TurcotteAs a recent graduate of the Nipssing University School of Business Program, I can confidently say the knowledge and skills I obtained throughout my business degree have allowed me to successfully transition into the workforce. Throughout my four years in the business program, I have had the opportunity to get involved with a variety of clubs and opportunities outside of the classroom, which have further advanced my professional development. The small class sizes allowed me to get to know my peers and professors, which made my time at Nipissing personable and enjoyable. All of the unique experiences, knowledge, and skills I have obtained as a result of being a student of the School of Business will continue to serve and benefit me throughout my career.

Carly Turcotte, BBA '16

Hayley HeaslipIn my first year at the university I was in a completely different program all together. One of my electives was Marketing Concepts and during that class I realized I was in the wrong program. The passion that my professor had, mixed with her experience in the field made me able to find my own passion for Marketing and by the end of the course I was a business major. The flexibility that the business program provided me was fantastic because the program requires all students to take classes in a wide range of business subjects with passionate professors who demand nothing but the best of their students. With the building blocks of my first year I was equipped when moving into my second year and I began to find more and more passion for business. I had the ability to get involved in areas that interest me and pursue my passion in a comfortable environment and now feel ready to move into the business world and be successful.

Hayley Heaslip, current BBA student

Kimberly KnobelThroughout the Business Program at Nipissing University there are many opportunities to work closely with businesses through out the community. Now working as an Intermediate Accountant at Manitoulin Transport I am able to say that my Bachelors degree has help guide me in the right direction. The experience I gained at Nipissing working with many organizations throughout the community executing research, analyzing the findings and presenting them to my colleges and professionals have proven to be useful in my career, as I apply these skills almost everyday.

Kimberly Knobel, BBA '16

Kimberly KnobelI am a 4th year BBA Accounting student at Nipissing University and the School of Business here has provided me with an abundance of opportunities and experiences. After completing my first 2 years in the program I was asked by a former professor to be a teaching assistant for Business Statistics and Business Mathematics. This is a paid position where I have the opportunity of working with my former professor generating quizzes, grading assignments, and editing lecture slides. I recently got involved with more teaching assistance opportunities as I started working for a second professor where I will be helping with two other courses, Research in Management and Principles of Accounting I.

The Nipissing University School of Business also provided me with the opportunity of doing an iLEAD placement at the North Bay Regional Health Centre where I worked in the finance and performance management department for a semester. This was an extremely valuable experience where I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. I also gained new knowledge about the health industry and learned new skills such as how to use Meditech software. The iLEAD program provided me with amazing networking opportunities as I now have connections with the managers and staff who work at the hospital.

Speaking of networking, thanks to the business social events hosted at the university each year, I was able to connect with people from KPMG and was hired as a summer intern. I worked in the audit function as a staff accountant at the North Bay office for back-to-back summers in 2015 and 2016. Now approaching graduation, I have a full time job coming out of school at KPMG, one of the big 4 international accounting firms. I can’t thank the Nipissing School of Business enough for what their program has done for me as a person as well as for kick-starting my career. I’ve made a lot of great friends as well as valuable connections during my time here.

Aaron Veley, current BBA student

Your opportunities are limitless! You might pursue a career in private industry, the government sector, not-for-profit organizations, or academics. Our graduates have gone on to become accountants, human resource managers, economic development officers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, market researchers, project managers, systems administrators, secondary school business teachers, university professors, and more.

Graduates of the Nipissing University School of Business enjoy a high employment rate and have been very successful in their professional designation examinations. Whether you want to pursue an MBA or other graduate studies, join the work force, or get your Bachelor of Education and become a teacher, you will become a valuable asset to any organization in your community, at home or abroad.

Career and Academic Options

  • Graduate Studies
  • Professional School (Education, Law, MBA)
  • Careers in management, accounting, taxation, e-commerce, government services, human resources, marketing, banking and international investment


Ingrid NeubertMy professors at Nipissing University's School of Business worked tirelessly to make sure we were ready for the workforce after university. They opened up and shared their professional experiences with us and gave us valuable opportunities to put the skills we'd learned to use for local businesses. I'm very thankful for the experiences I had at Nipissing.

I'm currently happy to be working in digital and strategic communications for the leader of Canada's Official Opposition and the interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Rona Ambrose. Working in digital communications requires a strong understanding of marketing strategies. As part of the strategic communications team, I'm able to apply the knowledge and skills I've developed in the business program to a variety of social media platforms and communications initiatives.

Ingrid Neubert, BBA '14
Digital Communications Assistant to Rona Ambrose

Alex ScottAs a business student I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant as well as participated in an iLEAD directed study. My role as a research assistant taught me the value of data analyzing and data mining using raw data to transform it into something quantitative. Having learned these skills in a safe, positive and flexible learning environment with the guidance of a faculty supervisor, I am confident using these skills within the workforce today. I use these skills each and everyday in my current role. The business environment at the University mimics the workforce and the real world and this degree program prepared me for that.

Alex Scott, BBA '12
Sales Representative with Mondelez International
2012 - present

Bailey BrownAs a Nipissing University, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Organizational Studies graduate I can confidently say choosing Nipissing was one of the best choices I have ever made. The small class sizes allowed me to get to know my professors on a first name basis and allowed me to make friends that will last a lifetime. The skills I developed through my time at Nipissing have been incredibly transferable to the position I hold today. During my four years of classes, I was given the opportunity to experience the process of starting a business, through the Directed Studies course within iLEAD. I also had the opportunity to act as a consultant for a local business, and to assist in writing and developing policies for the University itself.

Within the School of Business I was also provided with many opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. I worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for two semesters, allowing me to grow my knowledge, skill-set, resume and bank account! In my final year, I acted as the Vice President of the Human Resources Student Network (HRSN) in the group’s inaugural year. HRSN provides students with the possibility of networking with Human Resource professionals from throughout the North Bay business community. I was so pleased with my time spent at university that in the final months of my degree I acted as a School of Business Ambassador recruiting future business students to Nipissing. My four years at Nipissing University were nothing short of spectacular and it was a great honor to leave as part of the School of Business Fourth Year All-Star Team.

Today I work for My Broadcasting Corporation, a radio broadcasting company, headquartered in my hometown Renfrew, Ontario, as the Human Resources Administrator. We currently have 20 stations across Ontario, approximately 145 employees and have made the Profit 500 list six years in a row, as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Bailey Brown, BBA '15
Human Resources Administrator with
My Broadcasting Corporation

Jeremy EloomaHaving recently graduated from Nipissing University’s Honours Bachelors of Business Administration – Economics program, I can honestly say that the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that I developed throughout my four years prepared me to confidently enter the workforce. One thing that is often overlooked by students is the value that the small classroom sizes add to the education. Being engaged and working closely with your professors allows you to develop professional relationships while enhancing your interpersonal skills.

During the last two years of my education, I found myself becoming more involved within the School of Business. I applied, and successfully completed the Youth Entrepreneurial Placement Program (YEPP) hosted by Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) which gave me the opportunity to develop strategic solutions for a local small business by applying my knowledge of the various business disciplines. It was during this time, that I had realized that I had an interest in the financial markets and investing. This prompted me to join the Investment Club, which taught the framework of how to build a well-diversified portfolio. During my final year, I also had the privilege of networking with the MBA students from Baylor University involved in the study pertaining to the economic development of the City of North Bay.

Currently, I am working as a Junior Business Consultant with Commerce Management Group (CMG) in Timmins, Ontario. CMG has been providing consulting services to Northern Ontario for 25 years and is dedicated to help organizations turn their challenges into new opportunities. This position entails a number of functions including: business planning; project management; business development; small business coordination; as well as applying and securing government funding and offsets.

Jeremy Elomaa, BBA '16
Junior Business Consultant with
Commerce Management Group

Kurt Tempelmans-PlatI will never forget my time at Nipissing, from the in-class discussions, to the satisfying, yet challenging projects and case studies. I will especially remember my marketing profs, their encouragement, and ability to offer a challenging environment. Although it may be only a memory at this point, I will more than anything remember my time with Enactus Nipissing, our amazing adventures and rise to National Champions!

I currently run KTP Athletics, North Bay and area's only year-round, youth badminton program, as well as summer tennis. I provide both introductory and competitive environments, and currently manage more than 42 rep badminton players that compete across the province. I am beyond satisfied to be an entrepreneur and have my life in my own hands. I hope to grow this business and eventually organize my own year-round club and become a staple of athletes in the North Bay community. I am also beginning the development and launch of a new and unique t-shirt business called MyTennisShirt.

Kurt Tempelmans Plat, BBA '15

Carly TurcotteAs a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program in June 2012 in the Organizational Studies Stream, I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at Nipissing in the School of Business! The Faculty was instrumental in making the experience so fantastic. The professors are knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable. The small class sizes allowed me to learn in an interactive environment, while building relationships with both my fellow classmates and the faculty. The courses were both challenging and interesting, and provided me with a broad foundation of all business disciplines, while also allowing me to focus in on the Organizational Studies stream. I was able to successfully develop the ability to think critically, analyze problems, and propose strategic business solutions.

During my time at Nipissing, I was able to become involved in many extra-curricular activities. This allowed me to apply my learnings outside the classroom, and further develop many soft skills including organization, communication, collaboration, and presentation skills. I held various roles on the Nipissing University Business Community (NUBC) council, and I had the opportunity to represent the voice of the School of Business as the Business Delegate on the Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU). I was a member of the inaugural Enactus Nipissing Team, where I had the chance to participate in the National Competition in Calgary. In my final year at Nipissing, I acted as the Student Ambassador for the North Bay Chapter of the Human Resources Professional Associate (HRPA). This was a unique opportunity where I was able to help foster ties between Nipissing Business Students, and industry professionals in North Bay.

Upon completing my degree at Nipissing, I pursued a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources (MIRHR) degree at the University of Toronto, where I graduated in November 2013. Without my solid foundation in business and human resources from Nipissing’s School of Business, I would not have been nearly as prepared for that graduate program.

Once I completed my MIRHR degree, I was lucky enough to find a position with Mark Anthony Group Inc. – a private, Canadian-owned beverage alcohol company with 1000 employees across North America. In just three short years, I have had a progressive career, and I am now the People Operations Generalist supporting the Sales & Marketing team nationally. I know I have the School of Business Faculty as well as the extra-curricular opportunities to thank for the successful start to my career. Looking back, I couldn’t be happier about my decision to attend the School of Business at Nipissing University!!

Lisa Snider, BBA '12, MIRHR '13
People Operations Generalist with Marc Anthony Inc.
2012 - present

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