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Dr. Hilary Earl

Dr. Hilary Earl
Faculty of Arts & Science - History, Professor
office: H321
email: hearl@nipissingu.ca
tel: 705.474.3450      
ext: 4476
fax: 705.474.1947
web: Dr. Hilary Earl Website


BA, University of New Brunswick;
MA, University of New Brunswick;
PhD, University of Toronto

Areas of Specialization:

Modern European History (Germany); International legal history (prosecuting genocide/war crimes trials)

Research Interests:

the Holocaust, war crimes trials, Perpetrator history and testimony, comparative genocide

Current & Future Research:

Raphael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention; Perpetrators in postwar Germany; professional witnesses in postwar trials; genocide tourism



The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial, 1945-1958: Atrocity Law and History. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. 336 pp.


"Prosecuting Genocide before the Genocide Convention: Raphael Lemkin and the Nuremberg Trials, 1945-1949," in Journal of Genocide Research, vol. 15, no.3 (September 2013): 317-338

"Beweise, Zeugen, Narrative: Der Einsatzgruppen Prozess und seine Wirkung auf die historische Forschung zur Genese der Endlösung'" in Kim Christian Priemel and Alexa Stiller NMT. Nürnberger Militärtribunale zwischen Geschichte, Gerechigkeit und Rechtschöpfung (Hamburg edition, 2013): 127-157.

"A Judge, a Prosecutor, and a Mass Murderer: Dynamics in the SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial," in Kim Christian Priemel and Alexa Stiller (eds.), Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals. Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives, and Historiography (New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books and Oxford University Press, 2012): 47-73.

"Biographies of Criminals or Criminal Biographies: Explaining Perpetrators' 'Route to Crime' using War Crimes Trial Documentation," in Simone Lässig and Volker Berghahn (eds), Biography between Structure and Agency: Approaches to German History (New York and London: Berghahn Books and Oxford University Press, 2008): 162-181.

"Confessions of Wrong-doing or How to Save Yourself from the Hangman? An Analysis of British and American Intelligence Reports of the Activities of Otto Ohlendorf, May-December 1945," in David Bankier (ed), Secret Intelligence and the Holocaust (New York and Jerusalem: Enigma Books and Yad Vashem, 2006): 301-326.

"Scales of Justice: History, Testimony and the Einsatzgruppen Trial," in Jeffry Diefendorf, (ed), Lessons and Legacies VI. New Currents in Holocaust Research (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2004): 325-351.

Review Essay. "Business as Usual: Elite Universities during the 1930s," a review of Stephen H. Norwood, The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009). Academic Matters September 2010.

Prizes and Awards:

2009-2010 Hans Rosenberg Book Prize for The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial, 1945-1958: Atrocity, Law, and History awarded by the Conference Group fest book in Central European History of the American Historical Association

2008-2009 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Courses Taught:

HIST 1205 Modern Europe
HIST 1007 An Introduction to the History of Genocide
HIST 3605 Modern Germany
HIST 3626 Fascism
HIST 3705 The Holocaust
HIST 4605 War and Genocide
HIST 4815 The Third Reich
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