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Ontario Colleges Strike

​College Strike Ended

The Ontario college faculty strike has now ended. The Ontario government passed back-to-work legislation on Sunday and college courses are expected to resume on Tuesday, November 21.

Students in the Collaborative BScN Nursing program should be prepared to return to class on Tuesday, November 21. The Nursing office will continue to send updated information about the continuation of your academic program.

If you have any specific academic concerns or questions that are not addressed in the email or on the website, please contact your Dean’s office:

We understand that there were many significant disruptions and frustrations for Nipissing students, staff and faculty during the last five weeks of the college faculty strike. The university thanks you for your patience and understanding as we worked to maintain our academic programs and services.

Dr. Casey Phillips
Associate Vice-President, Students

​Ontario college faculty strike is continuing

As you may be aware, the Ontario college faculty strike is continuing. Ontario’s college faculty members have voted not to accept the colleges’ current offer.

You should expect that the picket line will be present at the Education Centre and that traffic will be delayed. Please give yourself lots of extra time to arrive on campus and please exercise caution when approaching the picket line.

Nipissing University is open and our priority continues to be ensuring our academic programs and services are maintained for our students. We understand that the strike impacts our students, faculty, staff and community members and appreciate the patience that has been witnessed during the strike.

If you are experiencing long delays getting to campus, or negative behavior at the picket line, please let us know so we can communicate those concerns to our colleagues at Canadore College and have them rectified. You can email your concerns to collegestrike@nipissingu.ca

If you have any specific academic concerns or questions that are not addressed in the email or on the website, please contact your Dean’s office:

The university thanks you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work to maintain our academic programs and services.

Dr. Casey Phillips
Associate Vice-President, Students

​November 9 Update

The Ontario college faculty strike is now in its fourth week. Ontario colleges have asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote on the colleges’ most recent offer. That vote will take place Tuesday, November 14 – Thursday, November 17. As soon as more details are available, they will be posted here and in social media channels.

Nipissing Univers​ity understands that the current college faculty strike has created stress and confusion for some of our students. University administration is in regular contact with Canadore College administration to mitigate disruptions whenever possible.

Bus Servi​ce – North Bay Transit Information

Some students have expressed confusion over bus stops and when and where they should go to catch the bus. Busses are not crossing the picket lines; however, they will come onto campus at times when no picket lines are present.

If there is a picket line operating, individuals should catch the bus at the permanent or temporary stops located on College Drive. If no picket line is present, individuals can utilize the permanent bus stops located on campus (1. in front of Governors House at the North entrance, and 2. just inside the South campus entranceway at College Drive and Monastery Road). To determine if a picket line is present, it may be necessary for individuals to walk to either the North or South campus entrance.

In the event that busses are passing by stops without stopping to pick up students, please message the university at collegestrike@nipissingu.ca​ and we will inform North Bay Transit.

​Procedures/Processes for Continued Operations at Nipissing University


Should a strike occur, it is important to remember that College Faculty are legally entitled to strike and to establish picket lines.


Nipissing University’s priority will be to maintain academic programs and services for our students. Therefore, the University will remain open and all operations will continue to function as normally as possible. The University will make all reasonable efforts to maintain adequate services and resources to support all University operations. We expect classes, meetings and other functions to be held as scheduled. We recognize, nonetheless, that a strike may cause disruption in our normal activities.

If students have any specific academic concerns or questions that are not addressed on this website, please contact your Dean’s office:


Should a strike occur, employees will be expected to carry out all of their duties and responsibilities at the normal times and places scheduled. Employees who choose not to cross the picket lines and otherwise fail to perform all aspects of their assigned Nipissing duties and professional responsibilities will not be paid. The University will honour previously scheduled time away from work; however, new requests for time off will be governed by operating requirements consistent with the terms of our collective agreements and/or administrative guidelines.


For any non-academic questions or concerns regarding the strike, please email collegestrike@nipissingu.ca; or call 705-474-3450 ext 4830.


Bus service to and from the University will continue in the event of a strike. However, please note that the buses will not cross the picket lines and riders will be dropped off in alternate locations, on College Drive. Click here to view a map showing alternate locations. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF TRAFFIC.


Cafeteria services are expected to remain open, however, hours may be reduced. More information will be provided once available. Please visit Chartwell’s website for information.


Computing technology and library services and will be maintained during a strike; you can both borrow and return books and other materials during regular hours. You should return borrowed items on schedule.

Access to e-books and e-journals will be unaffected.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact HLL staff at 705-474-3450 ext. 4222.


The Robert J. Surtees Student Athletics Centre will remain open as per normal business hours and all operations are expected to function normally.


In a labour dispute, picketers are legally permitted to:

  • Carry signs stating the nature of the dispute;
  • Speak to people entering the property about their concerns;
  • Ask people to join their picket lines.

In a labour dispute, picketers are NOT legally permitted to:

  • Delay people from entering and exiting the property for significant periods of time;
  • Cause traffic jams or congestion on public roads;
  • Harass or assault individuals on the picket line.

When approaching a picket line, note the following:

  • Picketers are supposed to keep moving and allow free passage in and out by non-striking individuals (students, staff and faculty); however, it is most likely that you will experience some delays, so please be patient.
  • If you are not allowed through the picket line or if you are threatened, do not attempt to force your way in. Display patience and remain calm.
  • Approach the line slowly. If you are operating a vehicle, plan your approach to the University, if at all possible, so that you will be making a right turn into the campus. The latter will avoid you being caught in the middle of an intersection in case of delays.
  • Have your Nipissing University identification ready to show the picketers. This may help you to proceed more quickly through the line.
  • Whether driving or walking onto campus, be prepared to stop. Be prepared to wait until you can safely pass through the picket line.
  • Be prepared for delays. Remember to operate your vehicle in a safe and lawful fashion at all times.
  • Roll down your vehicle window or otherwise indicate your willingness to communicate with the picketers.
  • Proceed normally and if you are stopped, explain politely that you are exercising your legal right to come to work, that you wish to proceed, and that you work or are a student at Nipissing University.
  • The picketers may provide you with information and wish to discuss the issues with you. Explain your situation, stating words similar to the following: “I would like to exercise my right to come to work. Please let me cross the picket line.”
  • Consider carpooling or other alternate travel arrangements for the duration of the strike.
  • Leave for work or class earlier than usual to ensure arrival on time.
  • In the event that you believe you are being threatened, note the description (or name if possible) as well as the circumstances surrounding such action.
  • Do not become involved in any arguments or any type of altercation.
  • If there is a problem at the picket line call 474-3450 ext. 4578 or your supervisor.

Please remember that the majority of the picketers will be members of our community who are engaged in a lawful dispute with the College System. When the dispute is over, the employees will return to their respective positions. Therefore, we encourage everyone to use good judgement and to treat all striking personnel with civility, courtesy and respect.​​

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