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New video puts city in spotlight

​In a new video, Nipissing University shows potential students just how fantastic the City of North Bay can be.

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The concept behind the video was to better embrace Nipissing’s unique location and offset some negative stereotypes that exist about the city. The video, titled Think you know North Bay?, shows young people enjoying urban pleasures like restaurants, shopping and concerts, as well as more rural and northern mainstays like hiking, swimming, and skiing.

“Information from Nipissing’s recruitment team and from surveys have clearly shown certain stereotypes that exist about North Bay: it’s too far away, there’s nothing to do, it’s cold and it snows all the time,” said Bob Pipe, communications officer. “We wanted to better own our location and show the reality; North Bay is an amazing city with a lot to offer no matter where your interests lie. The video is fun and engaging and I think it will resonate with students and with the city. We hope to see it shared widely.”

To show the range of opportunities that exist in the region, production began in early 2015 to capture some snowy fun. It continued throughout summer and into the Fall. Editing took place in late September in order to have the finished product ready for Nipissing’s recruitment team to use immediately after the Ontario Universities’ Fair. Nipissing staff in communications, marketing, recruitment and student development and services conceived the strategy. Local videographer Patrick Gilbert, shot the majority of the video. Scriptwriting, production and editing were led by Nipissing’s communications office.​

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