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New Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Nipissing

As Nipissing University’s new Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Justin Carré is looking forward to building on the existing success of Nipissing researchers to further enhance research culture, expand NU’s reputation and attract more research-based funding to the university.

Dr. Carré, also an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, has taken on a new role, the university’s first Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.  With an active and accomplished research portfolio himself to maintain, Dr. Carré will work to implement a faculty research mentorship program at Nipissing to assist faculty in achieving their research goals and accessing external funding.

“There are many outstanding researchers working at Nipissing and I think we can accomplish much more with increased mentorship and a more formalized program in place,” said Dr. Carré. “Everyone wins when we bring in more research funding. Students will benefit from more employment opportunities connected to funded research, as well a greater chance to be exposed to research tools and methodologies. Our community and region will see increased partnerships to help work through some of the issues and challenges they are facing. And our faculty will have more assistance in realizing their research objectives. This is an exciting opportunity to grow our research culture.”

To create a faculty research mentorship program, Dr. Carré will take a multifaceted approach:

  1. Discover faculty needs and priorities to create a series of targeted workshops.
  2. Create a database of existing grants so faculty members can better determine what makes a grant application successful.
  3. Establish a collection of experienced internal and external mentors to connect with new faculty members to help in grant writing.
  4. Form a group of internal peer reviewers who can provide feedback on grant applications.

“Faculty at Nipissing are very supportive and typically want to help others succeed. Everyone is also very busy, so we will be offering some incentives for mentors to get involved,” said Carré.

“We are very pleased to have an exceptional researcher like Dr. Carré taking on this role at Nipissing,” said Dr. Jim McAuliffe, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.  “He has been very successful in his own research, and will be able to continue to achieve his own research agenda while building a program to help others accomplish their goals and enhance the university’s reputation. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone at Nipissing.”

Dr. Carré is an active scholar and a prolific researcher with 64 peer reviewed publications, several of which have been published in top tier academic journals such as Psychological Science, Biological Psychiatry, and Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences. His peer reviewed articles have been cited over 3,000 times, speaking to the high impact nature of his research. Since arriving at Nipissing University in 2013, Dr. Carré has launched a highly productive lab, the Canada Foundation for Innovation-funded Social Neuro Endocrinology Lab. He has developed important collaborations with medical doctors in North Bay and Sudbury, where his team performs drug administration studies investigating the causal role of testosterone in modulating human social behaviour.  Dr. Carré’s lab at Nipissing University is the main research site for large-scale collaborative studies examining the effects of testosterone administration on human decision-making. Collaborators involved in this work are world renowned experts from the Stockholm School of Economics, Wharton School of Business, University College London, University of Vienna, and Simon Fraser University.

Several of Dr. Carré’s undergraduate and graduate students have presented their work at local, national, and international conferences and have appeared as co-authors on several published papers. Students he has taught and supervised have moved onto medical school and graduate programs.

Dr. Carré has earned several grants from various external sources, including a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery grant ($210,000); a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Development Grant ($66,000); two Canada Foundation for Innovation infrastructure grants ($945,000); an Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation ($150,000); and two Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation grants ($64,000).

In addition to his research activities, Dr. Carré is heavily involving in peer-review activities. Over the last six years, he has served as an Associate Editor for the international journal Aggressive Behavior, and has been a Consulting Editor for several peer-reviewed journals (Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology; Emotion; Evolution and Human Behavior; Evolutionary Sociology and Biosociology; Hormones and Behavior and Psychoneuroendocrinology). In addition, Dr. Carré has served as a grant reviewer for several public and private funding agencies.

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