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NU providing $3.76 million to students

Emily Barr with donor Fred McNutt
​Student Emily Barr with donor Fred McNutt

Nipissing University will provide $3.76 million to students in the form of scholarships, awards, bursaries and graduate funding this academic year.

To celebrate the generosity of donors, and provide important and meaningful connections with the students receiving funding, the university held the annual Student and Donor Awards Social last week.

The event brings student recipients together with the donors who make the scholarships, awards and bursaries possible. It’s an opportunity for students to offer thanks and learn the stories behind the donors’ motivation to give. Whether it is to honour a loved one, a devotion to education, or giving back to the community by supporting students, each award has a unique and inspiring story.

The social also provides a unique opportunity for the donors to learn about students, how and why they chose their area of study, found their place at Nipissing, and how life has shaped them and their goals for the future.

“The donor social was fantastic,” said student Emily Barr, who received the J. Wesley McNutt Environmental Science Bursary and met with donor Fred McNutt. “It was special for me to have an opportunity to meet Mr. McNutt, thank him for his generosity, and let him know how much receiving the bursary means to me. It was a really special event.”

Charlotte JonesSpeaking on behalf of the student recipients, student Charlotte Jones shared with those in attendance the tangible outcome of the funding students received through these scholarships, awards and bursaries:

“It’s because of these donations that I was able to take an overload course. It has allowed my friend to buy her groceries without having to check her bank account beforehand. It was a rent payment so they could take time off from work to study during midterms. It was the set of textbooks that weren’t available in the library. It was new tires so they could get to school every day. All these things seem so simple, so small, and yet when we receive notification of these scholarships and bursaries, it’s like a weight is lifted off our shoulders.”

The Student and Donor Awards Social is held each spring. Nipissing University would like to congratulate all the recipients and thank all of our donors.​

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