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History Seminar Series is back

Nipissing’s History department is beginning the 2015/16 Seminar Series with a discussion titled Women of the Court: Ladies-in-Waiting in World Art Studies on Friday, September 25, at 2:30 p.m. in A257.

This discussion will be lead by Dr. Eric Weichel, associate professor of Art History and Visual Studies at Nipissing University.

Here is an abstract:

The critical reputation and intellectual legacy of women who served as attendants within the palace of a monarchical court is often overlooked in modern scholarship: this lecture seeks to recuperate the memory of the "Lady-in-Waiting", and other court women, through illustrated case studies of specific individuals and works of visual art. How did court women resist family and political pressure through cultural patronage? In what ways do sexuality, gender and notions of ideal beauty contribute to contemporary interpretations of their behaviour? Specific material under discussion includes sculpture and painting that celebrates the religious role of Ancient Egyptian royal women, the economic importance of palace women among the Classic Maya, aesthetics and emotion as described in the novels of tenth-century Japanese female courtiers, political satire through references to visual art by noblewomen at the eighteenth-century French and British courts, and the sacred potency of the Queen Mother and her young unmarried ritual attendants in 19th-century Benin.

The speaker will present for approximately 45 minutes, followed by a question period.

Upcoming Fall Term Talks:

October 2, Room A252: Dr. Lanyan Chen, associate professor in the School of Human and Social Development - Social Welfare and Social Development at Nipissing University — Unpacking the Historical Roots of Imbalanced Sex Ratio at Birth in China

October 30, Room A252:  Dr. Matthew Farish, associate professor of geography and planning at University of Toronto — Boards and Bodies: Militarizing the Human Sciences in the Cold War North (co-hosted with the MES/MESc Seminar Series)

November 27, Room A252: Dr. Derek Neal, associate professor of history at Nipissing University — The Student-Professor Returns: Reflections on Teaching, Learning, History and Theology

Winter Term Talks:

January 28, 7 – 9 p.m. at The Raven and Republic: Dr. Mark Kuhlberg, associate professor of history at Laurentian University - Title to be announced (co-hosted with the MES/MESc Seminar Series)

February 5, Room A252: Prof. Rhiannon Don, English seminar instructor at Nipissing University — Staging the Nation: Historic Sites, Interpretation, and National Identity

March 4, Room A252: Dr. Kurt Clausen, associate professor at the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University — Rebels in Charge: Ontario's Educational Revolution, 1959-1973

April 1, Room A252: Roundtable (Drs R. Gendron; J. Murton; C. Murton Stoehr, and B. Thorn) — Which 20 Years? Considering Large-Scale Change in 20th-Century Canada

All are welcome, the talks are free of charge and refreshments will be provided.​

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