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Dr. Graham’s research garners national award

Dr. Rob Graham is a guy who looks at the positive side of things. In terms of his research, looking at what does work for classroom technology rather than what doesn’t work, is reaping rewards and awards.

Graham has been selected to receive a Recognition Award from the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) for his recently completed Doctoral dissertation, Techno-Resiliency: An Exploration of Professional Practices in the Field of Technology-Enriched Teaching and Learning.

Graham, an assistant professor in the Schulich School of Education, uses the notion of ‘techno-resiliency’ as a unique theoretical lens that he developed while working as a doctoral student at Lancaster University.  He examines the methods and key factors for educators to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. The focus on what works - what gives the technology integration resiliency - is a distinguishing mark of his work when much of the discussion on technology integration focuses on risks and barriers such as cost, time and training.

“All the students, and most teachers want the newest, coolest technology - what I call ‘techno-lust’.  But, some schools were clearly having success with technology in class, while others weren’t, even though funding was basically equitable.  So I set out to find out why,” said Graham.

He found a few essential factors that contributed to the success of technology integration in classrooms: in-school professional development, student engagement, and some champions or cheerleaders who could be persistent and persuasive in realizing their goals.

It’s research that is garnering attention from publishers as well.  Graham is currently working on a new book for Springer Publishers, titled, Techno-Resiliency: A New Approach For Understanding Technology In Education: Moving Beyond Technological Barriers.

Graham will receive his Recognition Award at the CATE Annual General Meeting in June in Ottawa. There he will present a poster of his research to the CATE members.​ 

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