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Bear sightings on campus trails

Nipissing University advises that there have been several recent reports of bear sightings on the trail system.

Sightings are occurring near oak tree ridges on the Western trail system, due to a large acorn crop.

While bears are relatively common in Northern Ontario, it is important for anyone planning a walk in the trails to take precautions and be Bear Wise.

Avoiding Bears:

  • Never purposely approach bears
  • Travel in groups of two or more
  • Make noise as you walk, especially in areas with limited visibility
  • Carry a whistle or air horn
  • Keep you eyes and ears open
  • Do not wear headphones

If you see a bear:

  • Stop, don’t panic
  • Remain calm
  • Watch the bear
  • Back away slowly
  • Leave the area
  • Do not run or turn your back on the bear

If a bear continues to advance:

  • Wave your arms and make noise
  • make yourself look big
  • Stand your ground
  • Throw objects (ie sticks / stones etc)
  • Arm yourself with whatever is available such as a large stick

For more detailed information on what to do if you encounter a bear, click here.


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