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Appointment of Chancellor

The Chancellor of Nipissing University is appointed by the Board of Governors. The term of office is four years and the Chancellor may be appointed for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
The Chancellor is the titular head of the university and shall confer all degrees, honorary degrees, diplomas and certificates.
The Chancellor is selected through the following process:
  1. A committee consisting of the President and four members elected from each of Senate and the Board and one student selected by NUSU shall act as the nominating committee for the Chancellor position. The President will act as chair of this committee.

  2. The nominating committee will submit their nomination to Senate for approval for recommendation to the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors will approve the Senate recommendation regarding the appointment of the Chancellor.

    All committee, Senate and Board deliberations will be in-camera.

  3. The joint Board-Senate nominating committee will be convened by the President and shall make a recommendation to Senate on or before the April Senate meeting in the final year of the Chancellor's term of office, or upon receiving notice of the resignation of the Chancellor.

  4. The Senate recommendation shall be considered by the Board at the May meeting of the same year.

    Before presenting its report, the committee may call for suggestions for nomination from members of the university community.

  5. The President shall normally confirm the willingness of the nominated person to stand for election prior to bringing the report of the nominating committee forward to the Senate and the Board.

  6. The nominating committee shall establish its own criteria and process for selection. All proceedings of the nominating committee are confidential.

Established April 1993
Revised September 5, 2001, Resolution 2001-09-05

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