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Rules and Instructions for the Word Thief Challenge

  1. This contest uses a combination of GPS coordinates and word clues to direct teams to various locations on the North Bay campus.
    At each location, there will be an official, Word Thief Challenge logo cbcg.jpg
    and an envelope containing laminated copies of a word or series of words. Each team will remove one copy of the word(s) from each location. There are 10 locations to find, so at the end of the challenge you should have 10 laminated strips. (You will need all ten to complete the challenge.)
    The goal is to be the first team to assemble the words in the correct order to recreate a sentence/phrase found in the book, The Book Thief.
  2. The challenge will run from Monday, January 26 to Sunday, February 8. Winners will be announced on Monday, Feb. 9.
  3. Location clues will be released via Facebook ( and Twitter (@NUCommonBook) each morning at 8:00 a.m. Monday January 26 to Friday, January 30 and Monday, Feb 2 to Friday, Feb. 6. Starting on day two of the challenge, an additional hint will also be posted to assist those struggling with the previous day’s clue.
  4. Teams may consist of a minimum of one, to a maximum of four people and may include any combination of Nipissing students, staff or faculty. All teams must complete an official registration form by Wednesday, January 21.
  5. Winning entries will not be accepted before Friday, Feb. 6 at 9:00 a.m. or after Sunday, February 8 at 9:00 p.m. Entries must include the following to be considered eligible:
    • a photo of the entire team with the laminated words, assembled into the phrase
    • the photo must be submitted to the Common Book email:
    • the sentence/phrase must also be spelled out in the body of the email along with the name of your team

The first eligible entry with the correct phrase wins. (Entry time will be considered the time stamp on the email.) Winners will be announced on Monday, February 9.

Important Notes

  • All word clues come from the September 2007, Knopf paperback edition, that was distributed through the Common Book program
  • This challenge is designed to be a fun, collegial experience and in that spirit we ask that you do not tamper with clues or logos and do not remove more than one laminated word(s) from each envelope. These actions are grounds for disqualification.
  • You must have access to Facebook or Twitter and email.
  • Suggested free GPS aps are: Free GPS, or Google Maps,
  • Suggested free QR scanner aps are: QR Code Scanner or QR Code Reader
  • There are great prizes to be won.

Good luck and have fun!


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