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About the Common Book Program

​​Common Bo​ok, Common Ground

A first-year r​eading program Nipissing University

What is​ a Common Book Program?

  • First-year students are required to read a book selected by a panel of faculty, students and staff. Students can get involved in class discussion groups, assignments, on Facebook, etc., and through university events such as film screenings, seminars, and contests.

Why hav​e a Common Book program?

A Sens​e Of Community

To foster a sense of community and belonging through a common academic experience

University-level Critical Thinking​

To introduce new students to the level of critical thinking, literacy and analysis necessary in a university environment

How ​​D​o I Get Involved?

  • Students get involved by reading the book, participating in class discussions, completing assignments, attending university events, going online, watching films, etc.
  • Faculty get involved by leading discussions, creating assignments and integrating the novel in existing courses, and participating in and promoting special university events.
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