Tuition $6,934.40
Student Health Plan 60.00
​Student Life Line 3.95​
Bus Pass 170.00
Canadian Federation of Students 16.06
Ancillary Fees
($90.35 per 3 Credit course)
TOTAL $8,085.91
Less Deposit (upon acceptance) -500.00

Fall Fees Due:  September 4, 2015 

Winter Fees Due:  January 22, 2016 
Option Courses:  $693.44 + $90.15 Ancillary Fees per Option Course = $783.59
International Students:  $19,325 .00 Tuition + $612.00 UHIP + $16.06 CFS + $170.00 Bus Pass + $3.95 Student Life Line + Applicable Ancillary Fees
How can I pay?
You may pay by cash, certified cheque, debit card (ensure you have a high enough daily limit to cover your payment), money order (payable to Nipissing University) or online* or in person* at any major financial institution.  We do NOT accept credit card payments!
Paying after hours?
Use our after hours drop box next to the Student Financial Services Office (F216) exit door - cheques or money orders only!
Paying your fees with OSAP?
Make sure you apply by July 15 and that you've submitted ALL required documentation including your signature pages and supporting documentation to Nipissing University and your master student loan agreement to the Loans Centre (you can check your status online by logging back into the
OSAP website). When you apply for OSAP, if you indicate that your fees may be paid with your funding, the first fee installment will be deducted.  If your OSAP application is not complete by the fall​ payment due date and/or if you indicate OSAP may not be used to pay fees, it is YOUR 
responsibility to pay the full fall payment from your own resources by the due date.
Note that it is still possible to apply for OSAP after July 15 but it is unlikely that your funding will be available in time to pay fees due by the fall semester due date.  To apply, visit​

  It can take several business days for online and bank payments to be posted to your account.  Keep this in mind if you need to meet a deadline!
  Keep a copy of your receipt (or print your online payment proof) and bring this with you when you visit our office, in case it's needed.

For more information, please visit our
Bachelor of Education degree overview site.

**An interest charge at the rate of 1.5% will be assessed monthly (19.56% effective annual rate) on all student accounts with balances outstanding after the relevant due date for fees incurred.  Interest will not be waived for late payments.**​