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Accessibility Transition Program

Student Accessibility Services wants to support you with your transition to university-life. The Accessibility Transition Program (ATP) is a FREE three-day program designed to provide first-year students registering with Student Accessibility Services an opportunity for skill development and an introduction to available supports and services essential to make your transition successful.

The event combines academic, independent living and social components together to help familiarize you not only with Nipissing, but also with North Bay.

Although programming can vary slightly year-to-year, please refer below for an overview of the program offerings from past years.

Benefits of attending ATP

  • Moving into residence early!
  • Meeting upper year students who have been in the same position as you before! They will be a great support and have lots of wisdom to share!
  • Getting ahead before the year begins! Learn about accommodations, adaptive technologies, and learning strategies!
  • A welcome package with lots of resources and supplies!
  • Developing your self-advocacy skills!
  • Establishing a support system that you can maintain throughout the year!
  • Lots of fun activities and workshops!

Academic Components

Academic workshops are designed to promote overall academic success at Nipissing University. Academic workshops that have been offered in the past include:

  • Academic Calendar Workshop
  • Everyday Technology Workshop
  • How We Learn Workshop
  • How I Learn Workshop
  • Note Taking Workshop
  • Strategies for Learning Workshop
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Living at School Panel

Independent Living Components

Independent Living workshops are designed to target daily living obstacles that students are presented with when living on their own for the first time. Independent Living workshops that have been offered in the past include:

  • Budgeting Workshop
  • Self Advocacy Workshop
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Eating
  • Cooking Classes
  • Bus Schedule/Transit Workshop

Social Components

The social components of this event are designed to build a sense of community amongst the participants. It provides students with an opportunity to make new friends, meet mentors who are upper year students registered with Student Accessibility Services, and get a sense of not only the Nipissing community, but also the North Bay community. Social activities that have been offered in the past include:

  • Ice Breakers
  • Downtown Scavenger Hunt
  • Evening dinners at local restaurants
  • Game nights
  • Waterfront/Beach nights
  • Mini-putt

Get To Know Your Campus

Participating in ATP provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with the campus, and its operations, prior to the commencement of classes. Campus tours are provided in small groups so that the students can ask questions about the resources available and really become familiar with the campus. We provide tours of the following facilities:

  • Nipissing University Main Campus
  • Harris Learning Library
  • Robert Surtees Athletic Centre

Get To Know North Bay

Upon arrival to the ATP, students are presented with their student card, and bus pass for the Fall/Winter term. Throughout the event, students practice taking public transit and becoming familiar with the most commonly used routes.

Sample Workshop Descriptions

Reference below for a brief description of some of the workshops that we have offered in the past (please note not all workshops may be listed):

Academic Calendar Workshop:

Students will be introduced to an Academic Advisor who will discuss elements of the Academic Calendar. The Advisor will highlight important information found within the calendar, including important deadlines, Nipissing University policies, and Academic Integrity.

Adaptive Technology Presentation:

There are many technologies that students may access to assist with barrier free learning. In this workshop, our Adaptive Technology Technician will review the technology services available to students with disabilities.

Budgeting Workshop:

Financially, living as a student can be difficult. In this workshop, students will receive useful tips on how to create a student budget. The facilitator will highlight new expenses when living on your own, as well as different ways to save money throughout the year. Students create a general student budget, which they can then use to plan their finances throughout the year.

Bus Schedules/North Bay Transit Workshop:

Many students come to Nipissing University having never travelled on a city bus. In this activity, students will be introduced to the North Bay bus system and will be taught how to navigate it. Students will have a hands-on activity that will allow them to practice planning their bus route, with the support and guidance of mentors who have experience with the transit system.

Campus Tour:

Students will have the opportunity to explore the campus in a small, mentor-lead group. Students will be shown important areas that they need to know, including the Student Accessibility Services Office, Academic Advising, Registrar’s Office, and Student Financial Services. Small tour group sizes will allow students to have the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions they may have.

Communicating with Professors:

This workshop will provide students with the chance to learn about how to effectively communicate with professors. Many professors have specific office hours that students can attend, and most are available through e-mail. This way of communicating with educators is likely new for most of our students, and they will get a chance to ask any questions, after they hear about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of discussing concerns with professors (for example: what do I do if I feel that I deserve a higher grade?).

Cooking Class:

In this workshop, students get the hands-on experience of cooking for themselves by making dinner as a group. Led by a professional, students prepare and cook a meal while receiving helpful tips and recipes they can use throughout the year. Not only will students learn new skills, but they will have the opportunity to socialize with their peers in a fun, active learning environment.

Downtown Scavenger Hunt:

Moving to a new city can be intimidating, but we will orient students to North Bay and allow time for them to become more comfortable in the city. By participating in a Downtown Scavenger Hunt, students are able to explore the core of the city and learn about all the great things it has to offer!

Everyday Technology:

Nipissing University uses google as it's email provider. This presentation will explain to students how they can use Gmail tools for time management during their studies. As well, the presentation will demonstrate how to collaborate on group assignments using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides; which come free with a GMail account.

Healthy Eating Seminar:

The transition to university is not just an academic adjustment but a lifestyle transition as well. It is important to find a balance and continue to eat healthy while living on your own. This workshop will focus on healthy eating habits, cooking at home, and eating well on a budget.

How We Learn:

With one of our Accessibility Consultants, students will explore the brain and the processes involved with learning. By specifically looking at attention, processing and memory, students gain the necessary background information to begin to understand the ways that they learn best.

How You Learn:

After learning background information in “How We Learn”, this workshop will build on that information and will introduce students to how they, as an individual, learn specifically. Students will complete learning styles, study strategies, and personality inventories, and will leave with a better understanding of how they learn best, and what they can do to encourage effective learning.

Living at School Panel:

In this workshop, students will meet a panel of representatives from different departments within Nipissing University, including International Initiatives, Office of Aboriginal Initiatives, Financial Aid, Student Accessibility Services, Student Counselling, etc. Each representative will give an overview of the service, and students will have a chance to direct any questions to the specific department.

Mock Lecture:

First lectures can be overwhelming for many students. By participating in a ‘mock’ lecture (given by a Nipissing Professor), students can begin to get comfortable with this new learning style. The lecture gives students an opportunity to try out techniques learned previously in the event (ex. Note taking workshop). After the lecture, there will be time for students to reflect on the experience, and they will have the opportunity to ask the professor any questions they might have about the lecture.

Note-Taking Workshop:

This workshop will demonstrate note-taking techniques and will provide students with practical advice on how to take notes during a lecture.

Station Rotation:

The processes for receiving disability-related support are different in the high school and post-secondary school levels. In this workshop, students rotate through four different stations (led by the Student Accessibility Services Team) to learn details about the process at Nipissing University. Students will learn about Accommodations, Rights and Responsibilities, and Self-Advocacy, as well as specific tips on transitioning from high school to university.

Strategies for Learning Workshop:

This workshop will provide students with practical tips for academic success. Facilitated by both our Student Learning Coordinators and an Accessibility Consultant, we provide students with the learning strategies they can use throughout their entire university career.

Stress Management Workshop/Techniques:

During the course of a school year, students may face a number of challenges that leave them feeling overwhelmed or stressed. This workshop will explore various techniques and strategies to best manage stress throughout the year.

Time Management:

One of the key components to success at University is effective time management skills. In this workshop, an Academic Skills Program Coordinator will provide students with many tips on managing their schedule, avoiding procrastination and staying on track. This workshop will also allow students to create a general timetable that they can modify for their own schedule.

What I Wish I Knew –Mentor Edition:

Students will be provided with ‘insider’ information as mentors (successful upper year students) will be sharing tips and advice that they wish they knew when they first attended Nipissing.



For more information about the Summer Transition Program (STP) or if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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