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Student-Athlete Academic Support Program

It is the expectation of Nipissing University that student-athletes will make academic progress and athletics a priority during their academic careers. Student-athletes should engage in academic pursuits based on their personal passions and career interests, and should compete with character in and out of the classroom. The Student-Athlete Academic Success Program exists to support student-athletes in their academic and social integration into the fabric of Nipissing University. We look to achieve this while respecting each student-athlete's unique needs, as well as adhering to the core values of student engagement, personal development, academic rigor and integrity.

What We Do

The Student-Athlete Academic Success Program is coordinated by the Student Learning Coordinator, Peer Education and Retention Programs in the office of Student Learning and Transitions. The program seeks to facilitate the development of academic strategies, encourage self-reflection on academic strengths, provide support for students to achieve academic stability (and when needed, recovery), and to overall positively impact the student experience. 

The program offers:

  • regular one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and seminars for academic skill development and academic success planning;
  • study hall sessions in partnership with the coaching staff; 
  • assessments to support student academic planning;
  • referrals to support services that encourage social integration and academic persistence; and
  • communication and collaboration with coaching staff to support students' academic progress as required.

Expectations for Student-Athletes in 2017/18

All student-athletes are encouraged to:

  • attend regular study halls to facilitate the development of appropriate study habits;
  • reflect regularly on their academic strengths and needs; and
  • self-advocate, and reach out for academic and personal assistance as needed.

Additionally, all first-time Nipissing student-athletes, any student athlete with a GPA below 70% after the 17FW academic year, and any upper year student-athletes with a cumulative GPA below 70% after the fall term (17FW) are expected to:

  1. Attend monthly 1:1 meetings with an Academic Success Program Assistant.
  2. Attend two (2) Student Success Workshops per year (one in the FA session and one in the WI session).
  3. Write two (2) reflections on their academic strengths, needs, and progress - one to be submitted by the end of the fall term and one to be submitted by the end of the winter term.

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