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Dave Marshall Leadership Award

Annually, 25 full-time students are Recognized with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award. These students have made an outstanding extracurricular contribution to their academic program, to the campus, or to the greater community. They have demonstrated leadership, initiative, commitment, and an ability to motivate and influence others toward the betterment of Nipissing University.

This award is a prestigious, non-monetary award in recognition of the dedication and leadership Dr. Dave Marshall demonstrated during his 18 years of consecutive service as the Dean of Education and President and Vice Chancellor of Nipissing University. Dr. Marshall’s tenure at Nipissing University is a reflection of his commitment to higher education, vision for the future, and leadership in external community service. These were all characteristics reflective of Dr. Marshall’s position at Nipissing University and are qualities embodied in the students chosen for this award.

Award Categories

Dave Marshall Leadership Awards will be presented to students noted for their exceptional leadership within three categories: Academic, Campus and Community.

Distribution of Awards: 8 Academic Awards, 12 Campus Awards, 5 Community Awards.



Students may be selected in recognition of their significant contributions as leaders within their area of study.

To be nominated in the academic category, a student must have the potential to further pursue their area of study and possibly affect, or be involved with, cutting edge work that will result in the advancement of their discipline. The student must be engaged in research or some other activity that is exceptional and outside the normal expectations of their program. This research or activity should be able to increase people’s understanding of, or interest in, the discipline. The student may also balance their academic demands with other services to the local or university community.

Nomination Criteria

  • Student is nominated by their faculty.
  • Student must be full-time, beyond their first year of study, and in good academic standing with a minimum 70% average.
  • Only students who have not received the award in the past can be considered as a recipient.



To be nominated in the Campus category, a student must use their leadership to influence university affairs to create a sense of community on-campus. This student enhances the campus culture by encouraging others to become involved and attempts to improve the quality of life for all students. The student must be actively, and meaningfully, engaged in a club or student organization, student government, athletics, and/or student support services.

Nomination Criteria

  • Student is nominated by their peers, faculty, administration/support staff and/or alumni.
  • Student must be full-time, beyond their first year of study, and in good academic standing with a minimum 65% average.
  • Only students who have not received the award in the past can be considered as a recipient.



To be nominated in the Community category, a student must have made a significant contribution to an external organization or group. As a volunteer, the student used their knowledge gained at university to affect the success of the local organization. Their leadership and participation must have provided a demonstrated benefit and shown a concern for local issues/residents.

Nomination Criteria

  • Student is nominated by their peers, faculty, administration/support staff, alumni, an external organization, or community group.
  • Student must be full-time, beyond their first year of study, and in good academic standing with a minimum of 65% average.
  • Only students who have not received the award in the past can be considered as a recipient.

Selection Process

Anyone interested in nominating a student must complete and submit the Dave Marshall Leadership Awards Nomination Form in which they are asked to articulate the student’s leadership qualities and initiatives.

Please note that the form has changed. Nominators may now attach a maximum of TWO 8.5” x 11” pages of supplemental documentation to the end of the nomination form. Group nominations (of more than one student in a single nomination form) will not be considered.

Upon review of a report compiled by the Student Learning and Transitions team detailing information from the nomination forms and the students’ academic records, the Senate-appointed Undergraduate Service & Awards Subcommittee will determine and select those students noted for their exceptional leadership.

Photo Galleries

Dave Marshall Leadership Award Recipients



Nicole Billington

Nicole Billington

Nicole is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours with a Specialization in Psychology and the Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior divisions.

Nicole is helpful, kind, and always willing to support her peers in any way she can. Throughout her degree, she has supported her peers as a Peer Tutor, Academic Skills Drop-In Centre Volunteer, and TA for multiple Psychology classes.

Nicole is also a Research Assistant for Dr. Curwen in the Department of Psychology here at NU. Through this work, she has strengthened her knowledge and skills in the field of psychology by helping agencies improve their family services. As the lead researcher for a study related to sexually deviant behaviour in children, she collected data from several child and family support agencies in Toronto, analyzed the data, then presented the findings to the agencies. This information will help these agencies improve their treatment for this clinical population of children. The results were presented at a conference at Western University in February 2017.

Nicole is an exceptionally ethical, compassionate, and genuine individual who values education and is tireless in her pursuit of academic, professional, and personal knowledge and experiences.

The university community recognizes Nicole with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

No Photo Available

Andrea Blewitt

Andrea is in the Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Junior Intermediate divisions, Joint program with Wilfrid Laurier University.

Andrea is an active contributor to the Nipissing University Brantford campus community and has led a number of initiatives with her colleagues and peers. Andrea was a member of the Brantford campus mentorship program and was able to collaborate and co-teach throughout that experience in practicum schools.

Andrea was a part of the international teaching opportunity, and traveled to Italy for her alternative practicum placement in 2015, with a group of other teacher candidates and faculty facilitators. She very highly represented Nipissing while learning and growing her teaching styles and cultural knowledge in a new environment. After completion of her international practicum, she shared her experience with students interested in teaching internationally and wanting to learn about techniques for teaching English abroad.

Andrea is a natural leader and is insightful in her approach to both academic and community initiatives. She is well-respected by administrators and students and will be an effective future educator.

The university community recognizes Andrea with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

James Donovan

James Donovan

James is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Psychology.

Mr. Donovan is a confident and collaborative leader in the Psychology lab, in student activities, and in the classroom. Through his enthusiasm, competence, and guidance, James motivates and aids other lab members in their research pursuits. As Vice-President of the student’s Psychology Society, James gives students a voice in university affairs and encourages them to connect through psychology. James also serves as a positive role model as an informed and engaged participant in classroom discussions.

As a research volunteer, James demonstrated his motivation to learn and his excellent understanding of the research process. James is a highly effective and valued lab member who has already co-authored seven conference presentations (three as first author) at local, national, and international meetings. James is now leading a follow-up study and preparing the experiment for data collection. James also continues to contribute significantly to several other ongoing lab research projects.

James is positive, open-minded, and personable. His dedication and sense of responsibility are evident in his studies, research, and student-group activities.

The university community recognizes James with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

No Photo Available

Lauren Easton

Lauren is in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Scholar Practitioner Program.

Lauren is a critical thinker who draws inspiration for her research from both practical and academic experiences. As a research assistant, Lauren contributed to a minority immigrant study and innovative nursing education research. Lauren was invited to present on her learning experiences at the Nipissing University Board of Governors Meeting in January 2017.

Lauren makes a conscious effort to network with like-minded individuals, mentors, and professionals to enhance her knowledge of nursing and health concepts. Lauren has attended over 70 hours of extracurricular conferences and workshops since beginning in her program. After networking at the Women and Harm Reduction Conference, she took the initiative to invite speakers to campus to offer a workshop to her peers.

Lauren holds strong beliefs about offering culturally sensitive, trauma-informed nursing care. During her nursing placement in Toronto Public Health, Lauren thoroughly read through organizational policies and noticed a gap in knowledge. She advocated for the implementation of Trauma-Informed Care principles and was invited to speak to staff about the framework.

Lauren is growing to be a new generation nurse who is curious, insightful, technologically competent, courageous, and knowledgeable.

The university community recognizes Lauren with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

Kelly Gillard

Kelly Gillard

Kelly is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Social Welfare and Social Development.

Kelly is an accomplished student who takes on multiple academic and social leadership roles on and off campus. These roles include: Outreach Assistant for Sexual Violence Prevention, President, Social Coordinator for the Social Welfare and Social Development Club, and Research Assistant. Kelly is also an active community volunteer at One Kids Place, Community Living, and the Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre. In all of these roles, Kelly is an outgoing and thoughtful student leader.

Kelly’s academic accomplishments include assisting in the preparation of a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant that focused on Promoting Reconciliation through Collaboration between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities. In her own research, Kelly is working on an honours thesis examining the impacts of media industries on youth with a focus on how profit-making businesses emphasize sexist and racist values.

Whether it is supporting students who share her focus of study or providing education and training on sexual violence prevention Kelly is an empathetic leader who brings a professional approach to her work on campus. She approaches her work with honesty, kindness, and sincerity. Kelly offers strength in her ability to engage with both community members and fellow students. She is skilled at initiating conversation and makes a difference through her enthusiasm for creating community change.

The university community recognizes Kelly with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

No Photo Available

Jenna Shermet

Jenna is in the Bachelor of Education, Primary/Junior divisions.

Jenna approaches academics collaboratively and insightfully. She goes above and beyond in all of her assignments and is always willing to help her peers. Jenna’s love for the teaching profession is evident in her curiosity for learning and in-depth research on how children learn.

Through assignments and group projects, Jenna leads by example. Two of Jenna’s outstanding projects include an original, engaging, and well-researched learning center based on Aboriginal culture which contained activities that were carefully chosen and culturally sensitive; and a richly described play-based learning center for young children. Jenna’s ability to collaborate brings out the best in her classmates.

Jenna is a principled young lady, who is always generous with her knowledge and gifts. She is ethical and extremely hard working. She will be a fine teacher and a valuable role model for future students, as she has been already with her peers here a Nipissing University.

The university community recognizes Jenna with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

Spencer Short

Spencer Short

Spencer is in the Bachelor of Science, Honours Specialization in Biology.

Spencer is an outstanding student who balances academics and community involvement with ease. While maintaining a high academic standing, Spencer helped other students as a Teaching Assistant in the Microbiology course, started cutting edge research in the organic chemistry lab, and founded the first Nipissing University Ice Fishing Club.

Spencer distinguished himself through delivering an exceptionally professional oral presentation to a large group of students about medicinal properties of essential oils from Eastern White Cedar. His presentation was accompanied by a quality written report on the topic.

Spencer goes above and beyond learning the course material in lecture and labs to independently seek out answers to his every curiosity about Biology in his spare time. His enthusiasm for science is contagious and has inspired other students to actively volunteer in Nipissing University’s science labs.

Spencer is a humble student who encourages others to reach their potential.

The university community recognizes Spencer with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

Daryl Tjin

Daryl Tjin

Daryl is in the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education.

Academically, Darryl is one of the top students in the 4-year Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program at Nipissing University. Her GPA across all years is approximately 90%. She has been awarded the Schulich Scholarship in 2013, and the President’s Scholarship in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Daryl is remarkably gifted, hardworking, and a responsible student. She sets a positive academic example her peers. Daryl's drive to accomplish her goals and willingness to seek new educational opportunities is an inspiration to those around her. She shows deep interest in her research and is currently studying whether psychological deception can be used as a tool to improve human exercise performance in a hot environment. Through her research, she has demonstrated an excellent ability to think and work independently.

Daryl is a role model in particular for our female students in our four-year BPHE program, and for young women in general, considering a career in Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics.

The university community recognizes Daryl with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.

Analucia Vuvic

Analucia Vucic

Analucia is in the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.

Ana shows incredible skill as a researcher. Her Honours Thesis explores, through semi-structured interviews, the experiences of military spouses in relation to frequent mobility and unstable employment. This research is a serious contribution to understanding the effects of tied migration for military families, and in particular, its effects on women. For a student at the undergraduate level, Ana has quite extensive research experience.

Ana has had a paper based on this research accepted for presentation at the Canadian Anthropology Society annual conference in Ottawa, ON in May.

While Ana demonstrates an outstanding ability to undertake research, it is her hunger for knowledge and her love of the discipline that impresses most. Last year she took the initiative to participate in the Canadian Anthropology Society annual conference at her own expense. While there, she was able to network and establish contacts with students and researchers from across Canada and beyond.

Ana has contributed significantly to the quality of our Anthropology program at Nipissing University. She is a dedicated, hard-working, and passionate student.

The university community recognizes Analucia with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category.


No Photo Available

Sean Dey

Sean is in the Bachelor of Education, Intermediate/Senior divisions with teaching subjects in Physical Education and English.

Sean has enhanced campus culture in his roles as; NU Kinesiology Games Team Co-Captain, NU Men’s Hockey Student Trainer, NUPHE Student Council President, NUPHE Student Council Student Broadcaster, NUSU Frosh Leader, NUSU Crew Member, Frontier College Peer Tutor, Biidaaban Tutor, and Teacher Candidate Advisory Council Director of Communications. Sean was also the recipient of a Volunteer Service Award from Frontier College.

Sean works hard in everything he does to ensure that students feel connected and included. He has a strong work ethic and has proven to be approachable and easy to talk to. He demonstrates his leadership behind the scenes through organizing events, building one-on-one relationships with students, and taking care to ensure that everyone is kept up to date and happy.

Sean is kind, funny, and compassionate. He constantly strives for excellence and is a great example of what it means to be a Laker.

The university community recognizes Sean with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Candace Ghent

Candace Ghent

Candace is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Gender Equality and Social Justice.

Candace balances a commitment to academic study with a commitment to social justice community building. As co-founder and co-director of the Gender Equality & Social Justice Student Collective, Candace organized a network of students majoring or minoring in the subject who are interested in connecting their studies to social justice campaigns and events.

The Collective, with Candace at the lead, has built a sense of community amongst students from different programs; hosted several social events for students and professors; given feedback on the university sexual assault policy; collaborated with the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives to host a vigil for missing and murdered indigenous women; and promoted on and off campus social justice events.

Candace recently worked to re-open the student-run Equity Centre on campus, which is accessible to all NU students and provides a positive meeting space for all students who want to learn about or discuss equity issues.

Candace is a responsible, kind-hearted, deeply serious, academically promising student with a keen sense of justice, who strives to use their education to engender social change in everyday life.

The university community recognizes Candace with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Hayley Heaslip

Hayley Heaslip

Hayley is in the Bachelor of Business Administration with a stream in Marketing.

Haley is an ambassador for Nipissing University in everything that she does. She is passionate and enthusiastic about promoting Nipissing University to prospective students and parents whether on the phone, at the Ontario Universities’ Fair, or during the many campus tours she conducts throughout the year as part of her role in the Student Recruitment Office.

Haley has significantly contributed to campus culture through founding Nipissing University’s first sorority, Alpha Gamma Phi. The sorority unites and empowers women to get involved on campus and in the community. Alpha Gamma Phi actively supports the Canadian Cancer Society, the North Bay Humane Society, and Children's Aid Society through fundraising. To date, they have raised $4000 for Canadian Cancer Society and $700 for the Humane Society.

Professional, enthusiastic, caring and funny; Hayley is a role model for other students. Her energy is infectious and her love and pride for Nipissing University is an inspiration to others.

The university community recognizes Hayley with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Dakota Heon

Dakota Heon

Dakota is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Social Welfare and Social Development.

Dakota is a charismatic, upbeat, positive young man who upholds the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers at all times. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of indigenous youth and has already done so in his roles as Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Assistant, Dibaadan Student, and Volunteer for the Ontario Indian Friendship Centre.

Over the past year, Dakota has played a significant role in helping to strengthen mental health services for Indigenous youth on campus through his work with the Dibaadan project. Dakota assisted in all aspects of the project including research on indigenous mental health supports, developing interview questions, conducting one on one interviews with students, facilitating a discussion circle with students and elders, disseminating data collected, and providing recommendations for future years.

As part of this project, Dakota also helped to advertise, plan, and support events including a Hand Drum Social which had 80 staff, students, and community members attend. As a major contributor to the program’s success this year, Dakota helped in the development of the program’s final report.

Dakota has a strong will to be successful in life. When working with, or volunteering alongside Dakota is it clear that he is deeply motivated by making a difference in the lives of his peers.

The university community recognizes Dakota with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Sydney Hodson

Sydney Hodson

Sydney is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in English.

Sydney’s professional engagement, skill building, and practical experience has put her near the top in our residence leadership team. During her three years working in residence and Summer Accommodations, Sydney used her understanding of student life to create a marketing campaign that led to our highest intake of returning students living in residence. Sydney was also instrumental in a new residence orientation project which involved implementing an e-learning module - the first of its kind in Ontario.

Sydney’s commitment to innovation in the residence life community has allowed her to be involved in projects that are beyond her years of experience. She took on each project with enthusiasm, intention to learn, and desire to develop her already impressive skill set. She is a role model for other leaders, especially in seizing opportunities on campus and working with various professional staff to learn as much as she can.

Sydney values every opportunity for leadership and professional development she is offered. Her commitment to excellence and innovation has had a positive influence on residence life - for staff and students alike. The impact of Sydney’s leadership will resonate within the residence life community for years to come.

The university community recognizes Sydney with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

William Humphrey

William Humphrey

William is in the Bachelor of Science, Honours Specialization in Biology.

William is an outgoing, friendly face around Nipissing University and is constantly reminding students of ways to be more involved around campus. He has volunteered for the AskMe Team, Jack.Org, the Nipissing Biology Society, and as a Residence Executive. Beyond this, William has also worked as a Research Assistant.

In all of these roles, William has shown leadership in his ability to encourage other students to get involved in the Nipissing community. He has inspired other students to take on volunteer roles and has helped to mentor other Residence Council Executives. William always puts students first and is committed to the betterment of the Nipissing University community.

William has acted as an extraordinary role model and has continuously handled challenges in stride. His ability to overcome obstacles has been exemplary and his constantly opportunistic take on life has inspired many.

William is a kind and approachable person who has always been willing to go above and beyond the needs of his positions, and his community.

The university community recognizes William with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Sydney Lamorea

Sydney Lamorea

Sydney is in the Bachelor of Science, Honours Specialization in Psychology.

Sydney has been a strong student voice standing up for the well-being of her peers in various capacities. She passionately speaks at senate meetings and now on the NUSU Board. She has is also a strong contributor in Andrew Weeks’ neuroscience lab. Now she has been elected to be the next NUSU President where she will continue to serve students and Nipissing University.

Sydney’s passion for taking initiative and speaking out for students has had a positive impact on how student issues are discussed at Nipissing. She has assisted students with their petitions to the senate and has been a strong advocate on the NUSU Board.

Sydney has always had a passion for making life for students easier. She assisted NUSU executives in discussing possible alterations to city transit to ease student travel. NUSU is continuing this work. As NUSU President-Elect, Sydney is dedicated to strong mental health initiatives for Nipissing students.

Sydney is a strong leader with an abundance of integrity. She researches issues and always comes to the table with a balanced, informed input. Her leadership will no doubt continue to positively impact the campus community in years to come.

The university community recognizes Sydney with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Emily McCarthy

Emily McCarthy

Emily is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Geography and Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate divisions.

Emily has been a phenomenal student leader and possesses the ability to make incoming students feel at ease. As a Frosh Leader, Emily has enhanced the campus culture by mentoring the students on her teams. Emily is also the Chapter Lead for the Jack.org Nipissing chapter, ensuring that students join the discussion surrounding mental health and mental illness.

Emily has worked hard to make sure students on campus have safe spaces to talk about mental health, mental illness, and concerns about stress etc. Emily has done this by advocating through Jack.org Nipissing to students and providing them with information that is beneficial to their needs. Emily’s leadership style is to work extremely hard and ensure that students are connected with resources on campus.

Emily has shown her compassion and warmth by continuing to stay in contact with students from her Frosh teams throughout the academic year. Emily understands that her role as a Frosh Leader is continuous even after Frosh Week is over. She has continued to actively support, guide, and refer students throughout the year to help them get the most out of their time at Nipissing.

Emily is hard working, and advocates for the voice of her peers. She goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone has a safe space to speak, a person to talk to, and information to help them. Nipissing University is a better place because of Emily.

The university community recognizes Emily with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

No Photo Available

Jessica Rivard

Jessica is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Geography and Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate divisions.

Jessica has been actively involved within residence both as a volunteer and as a student staff. She has multiple years’ experience volunteering as a Residents’ Council Executive including VP Athletics and Wellness and council President. Beyond this, Jessica has also been a committed Residence Office Assistant at the Townhouse Residence Complex. Across all of these roles, Jessica has grown in her leadership and has helped to develop future leaders within the residence community.

As Residents’ Council Executive, Jessica was nominated by her peers to take on the responsibility of advocating for their interests, decision making on their behalf, and planning social programming. As Residents’ Council President, Jessica worked alongside Residence Life Management Staff to provide student input on department policy updates and other key decisions. In both of these roles, Jessica showed her capacity for putting community development first.

Jessica models strong leadership for her peers and sets a high standard for others to follow. With a thorough understanding of the residence leadership model, Jessica helped implement training that was instrumental in developing students’ leadership qualities. This training was strategically implemented across the entire residence community.

Jessica is committed to helping other students grow into better leaders. She encourages others to strive for excellence and be the best that they can be.

The university community recognizes Jessica with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Kiethen Sutherland

Kiethen Sutherland

Kiethen is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in History.

Kiethen is an active volunteer with Office of Aboriginal Initiatives. He volunteers for the Peer2Peer mentorship programs as well as for annual events and activities such as the Annual Welcome Powwow, Round Dance, Debwendizon, and Annual Leadership conference. He was also a Science Camp Counselor for youth with the Aboriginal Summer Education Programs.

Kiethen builds campus community by being an active part of that community. His participation in events has helped to encourage other less outgoing students to get involved. Kiethen’s inclusive sense of humour and extremely positive attitude brings a positive atmosphere to the student space in the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives. He has come to be known as a pillar in the student lounge, sought out by his peers for his advice.

He is a very positive ambassador and strong role model for other students. He is always willing to volunteer at a moment’s notice and works to encourage student participation in various programming on campus. Beyond this, Keithen also encourages cultural awareness in his peers. He works to keep Cree language strong through volunteering his time to speak to other Cree speaking students looking for language support.

Originally from Kasechewan, Ontario. Kiethen began his degree at Nipissing in the Aboriginal Advantage Program, earning himself a Student Achievement Award at the end of the program. After completing his degree program, Keithen plans to pursue post-graduate education.

The university community recognizes Keithen with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

Jenna Turcotte

Jenna Turcotte

Jenna is in the Bachelor of Commerce.

Since beginning her degree with Nipissing, Jenna has been actively involved with the Nipissing University Business Club to help build a community among Business students. Through her hard work and dedication, the club has grown to have more of a presence, regularly hosting events.

Jenna has shown leadership in uniting students through the Business club. She helped organize the A Future in Business event on campus, which entailed reaching out to local businesses/organizations and alumni to attend to give advice on resume techniques and plans for after graduation. This event provided Business students with a great networking opportunity while simultaneously engaging alumni and local partners.

Jenna has also volunteered to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research at both the NUSU Shine Gala and Shinerama baseball tournament. Beyond this, she participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister gift wrap, the Nipissing University Open House tours, and is currently volunteering her time to help organize NUSU’s Wellness Week.

Jenna is self-motivated, hard-working, and humble. She is the kind of leader who leads by taking action. She is considerate, collaborative, and can always be found with a smile on her face.

The university community recognizes Jenna with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.


Luke Charlton

Luke Charlton

Luke is in the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Double Major in Philosophy and Political Science.

Luke is a tireless worker passionately striving to make the community a better place. He volunteers in key positions around the city including helping low-income families in North Bay become homeowners with Project HOAP (Home Ownership Affordability Partnership), helping sponsor a refugee family in North Bay, and helping manage and lead a condominium corporation. Beyond this, Luke has also been published in the Bay Today speaking about First Nations living conditions and reconciliation. Luke is also a contributor to The Shield a military newspaper.

With the help of Luke’s hard work and dedication, two families have achieved their dream of home ownership with Project HOAP and one refugee family has been welcomed to Canada. Luke continues to work to support the refugee family as they become more self-sufficient and adjust to life within our community. In his role as board member for the condominium corporation, Luke works to ensure that the resources are well managed and communication flows smoothly. Luke shows leadership in each of these roles through his compassion for others.

Luke actively works for the peace and prosperity of the city, and has successfully helped many people along the way. Through his leadership and compassion for others, Luke makes our community a better place.

The university community recognizes Luke with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Community Category.

Jessica Dubie

Jessica Dubie

Jessica is in the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a stream in Criminal Justice Studies.

Jessica is a dedicated student who has successfully balanced her academic work with important community involvement. Jessica’s contributions to the community are significant and range from caring for the elderly to hosting an international student. She also has considerable experience volunteering for the Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre.

Jessica completed an extensive, two-month training program on crisis-intervention and on subjects such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and violence against women. This training taught strategies such as coping, grounding and how to provide support. She also volunteered regularly with Amelia Rising in the clothing bank, where she interacted with victims and survivors of sexual assault.

Beyond this, Jessica participated in the Women on the Inside Initiative, where volunteers enter the local North Bay prison to provide services and activities for women. Lastly, Jessica has volunteered at Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre booth which involved educating the public about sexual violence, while also being available to provide support for victims.

Jessica is a superb example of a person who uses her education to help improve the lives of marginalized populations. Jessica is an intelligent, industrious, and academically capable student. She is passionate about justice issues relating to sexual violence and has already proven her commitment to giving back to the community.

The university community recognizes Jessica with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Community Category.

Berlinda Mclaren

Berlinda Mclaren

Berlinda is in the Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate divisions with a teaching subject in English.

Berlinda has been an active volunteer on campus with the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives throughout her degrees. She has been a volunteer for Wiidooktaadwin Mentorship Initiatives, the Peer2Peer Mentorship Program, and Biidaaban Mentorship programs. Beyond this, Berlinda has volunteered her time with beading workshops, sharing circles, smudges, moccasin workshops and homework sessions. She was also a Camp Counsellor with the Aboriginal Summer Programs.

As part of her Biidaaban Community Service Learning, Berlinda developed a Circle of Caring program for elementary school classes in partnership with the non-profit organization COPA (Ontario Centre for Prevention of Aggression). Circle of Caring is an anti-bullying initiative whereby community members and local professionals visit elementary school classrooms for story-telling and teachings about being kind. During this program, children also had the opportunity to build friendships using The Friendship Salad Kit developed by Berlinda.

Berlinda also authored a children’s book entitled The Boy with the Braid. The purpose of this book was to help build understanding among children about the cultural significance of indigenous people having long hair and braids.

Berlinda is inclusive of everyone. She makes sure that everyone feels like they belong. She is a strong advocate of education and is a natural teacher who goes out her way to share her experiences, herself, and her culture with others.

The university community recognizes Belinda with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Community Category.

Paige Restoule

Paige Restoule

Paige is in the Masters of Environmental Studies.

Paige has been incredibly dedicated to cultural revitalization projects with community organizations in North Bay and the surrounding region, including in her home community of Dokis First Nation.

Some of her service activities include: Chairperson of the Dokis First Nation Cultural Committee, singing for community gatherings on and off campus, serving as a guest speaker for several workshops on cultural revitalization at the North Bay Indian Friendship Centre and in local primary schools, and facilitating workshops for regalia making, powwow dancing, and beading.

Her work on cultural revitalization is directly related to her Masters Thesis entitled Land Based Practices: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, Decolonization. Paige’s work to protect the water led her to serve as a Water Protector at Standing Rock North Dakota, as a community delegate from Dokis First Nation.

Paige’s community service and leadership is also oriented toward facilitating opportunities for Indigenous youth, including serving as a Wiidookaadwin Aboriginal Mentor for the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives.

As the Chairperson of the Dokis First Nation Cultural Committee, Paige not only organizes an annual powwow but this year she worked to secure $10,000 in funding to support community infrastructure at the powwow grounds.

Paige’s dedication to her community and her foundation in Anishinaabe teachings make her an effective and considerate leader.

The university community recognizes Paige with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Community Category.

Laura Stemp

Laura Stemp

Laura is in the Bachelor of Education, Primary/Junior divisions.

Laura took initiative to reach out to Dr. Olmstead, Associate Dean of the Schulich School of Education to offer feedback about the new consecutive education program, including some solid recommendations for further enhancing the student experience. This included the development of a questionnaire, the organization of a large group feedback session (which she led), and the development of a process for electing representatives for the new Teacher Candidate Advisory Council (now in its first year of operation). Laura was instrumental in engaging her peers in becoming actively involved in student government as a means to establish ongoing and open lines of communications between students, faculty, and administration.

The teacher candidate advisory council would not exist without Laura’s leadership. She has definitely had an impact on both years of the new consecutive program, as well as the final three years of the previous concurrent education program.

Off campus, Laura volunteers as a Girl Guide Sparks Leader and a Camp Counsellor. In these roles, she has facilitated weekly meetings, planned fundraising initiatives, encouraged teamwork and self-confidence among youth, and gained valuable experience in preparation for her future teaching career. Laura has provided exceptional leadership and has been an excellent role model for the children she has helped over the last several years in these roles.

Laura is community-oriented, empathetic, kind and caring. She will make a great teacher!

The university community recognizes Laura with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Community Category.



Belanger, Lisa

Lisa Belanger
Bachelor of Science, Honours – Biology

Lisa has been involved in multiple research projects where she has worked to: conserve monarch butterfly populations, restore declining oak forests in Ontario, and monitor the health of moose populations and declining forests in western Newfoundland.

Her research in Newfoundland began as a course-related service-learning project, which was elevated to a thesis project in her fourth year and led to a long-term research collaboration among Nipissing University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Parks Canada.

Lisa has been an excellent ambassador for the Biology Department and for Nipissing University.

Butti, Andrew

Andrew Butti
Bachelor of Science, Honours – Biology

Andrew is an outstanding student. He has held the Nipissing University President’s Scholarship in each year of his undergraduate studies, with a 95% overall GPA.

Andrew balances studying, researching, and coordinating events for his fellow students through his roles as volunteer tutor, laboratory teaching assistant, Professional Internship Program Participant, and President of the Biology Society.

Andrew arranged a “Thesis Night” to allow students to learn about developing an honours thesis from faculty and peers. He also set up a partnership with Princeton Review to hold a practice Medical Schools Admission Test in order to help prepare students for the test.

Andrew is a highly intelligent, mature, and generous individual. He has a bright future and will bring great credit to Nipissing.

Gooderham-Belanger, Paul

Paul Gooderham-Belanger
Bachelor of Science, Honours - Mathematics

Paul has been a research assistant in Mathematics for the last three years, and is pursuing honours research this term. He has worked on two projects in advanced mathematics, using his skills in computer science and math to study problems in topology.

Paul has written and developed his own software programs that will benefit future student researchers and consistently aims to achieve something better and more complete than what is asked for.

His abilities in math and computer science are far advanced among his peers, but he remains graciously humble and unassuming, while maintaining high standards for himself.

McCaskill, Gillian

Gillian McCaskill
Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing

Gillian is an active classroom contributor, a leader in group settings, and an exemplary member of the School of Business. She has earned the respect of colleagues and faculty in her roles as: student, teaching assistant, iLead participant, and community volunteer.

Gillian’s volunteer work with the Huntsville Festival of Arts inspired two iLead Field Placements where she contributed sound strategic plans to an organization in need. Her work earned her the honour of becoming the youngest member of the Board of Directors in the history of this organization.

Gillian is a bright, ambitious, intelligent individual who will continue to proudly represent Nipissing University far beyond graduation.

McLandress, Adam

Adam McLandress
Bachelor of Arts, Honours - Psychology

Adam is a committed researcher who has contributed to the success of two major research projects in the lab. He has presented work at the Undergraduate Research Conference twice and has worked to guide, motivate, and train other lab members in his role as a Research Assistant.

Adam is also extensively involved in Nipissing University and North Bay organizations as a: Student Recruitment Tour Guide, Peer Tutor, Psychology Society member, White Ribbon Campaign co-President, and board member of the Fundraising & Community Outreach for Amelia Rising.

Adam demonstrates a belief in a high-level of achievement while creating a positive, supportive, and healthy community.

Perron, Jessica

Jessica Perron
Master of Education

Jessica noticed there was a need for a greater sense of community and belonging among online Master of Education students. In response, she founded the Education Graduate Students group, and began facilitating bi-weekly meetings for students both on and off campus.

Jessica organized the content of meetings, facilitated academic discussion and research collaboration, and ensured that distance students were able to participate in meetings via video conferencing.

Thanks to her initiative and dedication, Masters of Education students now have an active academic support group dedicated to building relationships, and encouraging academic success.

Taulu, Jasmine

Jasmine Taulu
Bachelor of Science, Honours - Environment and Physical Geography

Jasmine has been a volunteer, a research assistant, and now an honours thesis student with Nipissing University’s Integrative Watershed Research Centre.

Jasmine has contributed to several community-based research projects in partnership with the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority.

Her research on the Chippewa Creek watershed has helped us to understand the quality and movement of our local watersheds and how we can manage our watersheds for long term sustainability.

Jasmine has proven to be a leader with a local impact.

Vander Dussen, Marianne

Marianne Vander Dussen
Master of Education

Marianne is an exceptional student, researcher, mentor and leader. She has acted as a volunteer teaching assistant, guest lecturer in multiple classes, and has been a mentor for teacher candidates for the last three years.

Marianne mentors Teacher Candidates who are experiencing difficulties in their practicum placements. The guidance she provides them is exemplary and very much appreciated by those she works with.

Her thesis research entitled “Narrative Pathways to Character, Empathy and Belonging,” is exceptional and has been well received by our Teacher Candidates.

Varley, Autumn

Autumn Varley
Master of Arts – History

Autumn has is engaged in oral history research that promises to reshape our understanding of the relationships between indigenous people and major cultural and political institutions.

Her study entitled “Selling Ourselves” is a critical look at the experiences of indigenous peoples working as costumed interpreters at the heritage site Ste-Marie-among-the-Hurons.

This research has been presented internationally at a conference in Chile, provincially to the Union of Ontario Indians, and written about locally in the Anishinabek News.

She is also a leader in the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives: helping other students with their work, suggesting directions for their research, and helping indigenous students navigate academia. In powerful ways, she builds bridges between people.


Baisley, Jacob

Jacob Baisley
Bachelor of Education, Intermediate Senior divisions – Mathematics & Physics

Jacob is in the Bachelor of Education, Intermediate Senior divisions with teaching subjects in Mathematics and Physics.

Jacob has been a Research Assistant, Frosh Leader, Frosh Coordinator, NUSU Crew member, Math Club co-organizer, and Math Circles volunteer.

Jacob is committed to helping students both on campus and in the community. He has led Match Circles, a volunteer program that hosts children from local schools at Nipissing on weekends for math enrichment activities. Here on campus, Jacob has impacted students through introducing important conversations about the topic of consent into Frosh week programming.

In all of his roles, Jacob has demonstrated effective leadership in his ability to talk to anyone with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Benoit, Yannick

Yannick Benoit
Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice & Legal Studies

Yannick has contributed to the campus as President of the Criminal Justice Student Association, NUSU Student Council member, and as the Secretary of the Criminal Justice Honours Society: Alpha Phi Sigma.

Yannick has worked to build student-faculty relationships, plan guest speakers, host fundraising events, and promote awareness of important issues like domestic sex trafficking in Canada.

His hardworking, ambitious, and welcoming personality has contributed to his success in all of his roles. His infectious spirit has influenced his peers to get involved.

Byblow, Madison

Madison Byblow
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – English

Madison was a Frosh leader for the 2014/2015 academic year, as well as a member of the Nipissing University Board of Directors before she was elected to her current role as the Vice President External for the student union.

Madison is responsible for leading a number of campaigns on and off campus including: Shinerama, It’s No Secret, Movember, No More Stolen Sisters, No Means No, Shine Gala, and more.

She has raised an incredible amount of money and awareness for these causes and has promoted a strong sense of pride on-campus.

She is dedicated to improving student life and she works hard to ensure that students always feel welcome and respected on campus.

Cortez Alvarez, Ruth

Ruth Cortez Alvarez
Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Primary Junior divisions – Child and Family Studies

Ruth is a Nipissing University Student Union representative at the Muskoka campus, and has been a volunteer with Muskoka Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services for the past two years.

She has coordinated events, rallied community volunteers, and improved awareness about social justice issues like violence against women. Ruth has also raised awareness of the challenges faced by immigrants to Canada.

Ruth is honest, forthright, generous and reliable. She is always there to support her peers in any way she can. It is through these attributes she has gained the trust and respect of many students around her.

Hawco, Mark

Markus Hawco
Bachelor of Business Administration – Economics & Marketing

Markus is an incredibly ambitious young man with a love and enthusiasm for Nipissing University and its student Alumni.

As Nipissing University Student Alumni President, Markus initiated a fundraising campaign to update the Owl’s Nest, increased NUSA’s volunteer presence on campus and in the community, and participated in further philanthropy.

Markus is always looking for new opportunities to enhance student involvement and engagement within the university. His drive has been influential in creating new relationships with community partners.

He has a keen attention to detail that is evident when leading a project or volunteer opportunity. He smart, kind, and treats everyone with respect and integrity.

No Photo Available

Nicole Lapp
Concurrent Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education, Junior Intermediate divisions – Mathematics

Nicole has leadership experience as Match Circles co-Lead and as the Math Club President.

For Math Circles, she worked with students from the community to provide math enrichment opportunities here on campus on weekends.

As President of the Math Club, Nicole brought students from all years of study together for events, and helped to initiate further involvement in the Math Club and Math Circles programs.

Through her efforts, she has helped to establish a model for which both programs can grow and continue to succeed for years to come.

No Photo Available

Samantha Lee
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – Social Welfare and Social Development

As a member of the Sexual Violence Response Education and Prevention Committee, Samantha helped to develop a new policy to address sexual violence on campus.

Samantha is a student leader with a vision that includes having a safe campus environment free of gender-based violence. She has helped to facilitate Bringing in the Bystander workshops, planned and implemented educational events for students, and organized a bra and feminine hygiene product drive for the women’s shelter.

Samantha does not shy away from difficult conversations. Instead, she thoughtfully and wholeheartedly launches into them, bringing peers along with her. She is trustworthy, empathetic, and wonderful role model for other students.

Mauro, Brianne

Brianne Mauro
Bachelor of Science – Nursing

Brianne has inspired many with her love of dance and passion for leadership through her roles in the Nipissing and Canadore Dance Club, Relay for Life Committee, Nipissing University Student Alumni, and AskME team.

Brianne has been involved on campus and in the community through volunteering at home basketball games, at Homecoming, for the North Bay Christmas Walk, with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and for Jack.org events.

Brianne is an outgoing and responsible leader who encourages others to pursue what they love. She balances a heavy course load while still finding time to volunteer, and plan dance club practices and recitals.

Moore, Mark

Mark Moore
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – Political Science

Mark was a member of the Frosh Week Awareness Team this year, providing First Aid, CPR and awareness to anyone who needed it. Mark has also worked with Student Accessibility Services as a mentor and student worker. In these roles, he has helped to prepare assistive technology and provide alternate format textbooks for students. Mark is also working on preparing a social media strategy for the department.

Mark is compassionate and insightful. His vision is to create a campus that grows more tolerant and accepting by the day.

Mark always goes above and beyond the requirements of his positions and is always there to help others.

White, Mary

Mary White
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – Gender Equality and Social Justice

Mary has enhanced campus culture through her work as a Residence Don. In addition to her roles in mediation, academic and emotional support, and emergency on-call staffing, Mary has also organized an anti-Islamophobia campaign with a fellow student.

As part of the campaign, a student’s hijabs were displayed in the front foyer of residence, and together Mary and her colleague encouraged others to try them on, and ask questions as part of a larger campaign against Islamophobia.

Mary is a very friendly, caring and empathetic person. She strives to find out how her students are doing on a daily basis, and she works for inclusion and acceptance in the residence community.

Winter, Sean

Sean Winter
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

Sean has been a Nipissing university Student Athletic Centre Intermural Coordinator for the last three years.

In this role, Sean continually ensured proper refereeing, scorekeeping, and registration in order to create a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment for students to participate in.

Sean has improved the platform for intramurals by creating more accountable and standardized processes for employee management as well as improved online functioning for registration and participant notification.

As a result of Sean’s work to improve the effectiveness of the intramural program, there are more intramurals offered, more people participate, and there is a noticeable improved and positive culture at each game.


Nicole Bigelow

Nicole Bigelow
Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Intermediate Senior divisions – Geography

Nicole has devoted much time and commitment within the community of North Bay as co-leader for NU Reads program, a free literacy-based program for children aged 4-12 held at the North Bay Public Library.

Nicole planned meaningful literacy learning activities for children in the community, and pairing children with fellow education classmates to create individualized learning opportunities.

Under Nicole’s co-leadership, NU Reads has grown in scope and attendance. Nicole not only modeled strategies for teaching literacy to her fellow colleagues, but also demonstrated a strong understanding of ways to work with children in the junior and intermediate grades.

Nicole’s creative ideas and outgoing nature contributed to the program’s week-to-week success.

Hawthorne, Eliza

Eliza Hawthorne
Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Junior Intermediate divisions, Joint program with Wilfrid Laurier University

Eliza has five years of experience as a Youth Mentor for Why Not Youth Centres, an organization geared towards supporting at-risk and street youth.

Eliza found simple yet powerful ways to engage and empower youth in her role as a mentor. She supervised placements, and has coordinated numerous events, fundraisers and activities. She has contributed significantly to enhancing the community atmosphere at Why Not Youth Centres.

Eliza has a remarkably positive attitude that impacts every setting she encounters. She has made young people who are rarely positively acknowledged feel loved, celebrated, and cared for. Eliza has had, and will continue to have, a big impact on the lives of many youth.

No Photo Available

Megan Hives
Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, Primary Junior divisions – Geography

Megan has devoted much time and commitment within the community of North Bay, both as a volunteer Reading Mentor and co-leader of NU Reads, a free literacy-based program for children aged 4-12 held at the North Bay Public Library.

Megan worked diligently to plan meaningful literacy learning activities for young children in the community, pairing children with fellow education classmates to create individualized learning opportunities.

Under Megan’s co-leadership, NU Reads has to grown in scope and attendance. Megan not only modeled strategies for teaching literacy to her fellow colleagues, but also demonstrated a strong understanding of ways to work with young children.

Megan’s creative ideas and strong organizational skills contributed to the program’s week-to-week success.

Holland, Andrew

Andrew Holland
Bachelor of Science - Nursing

Andrew is an active volunteer with many different community organizations including: The Nipissing Association for Disabled youth, The Gathering Place, and the North Bay Regional Health Centre. Andrew initiated a fundraising project involving Bachelor of Science Nursing students in 2012, for cancer care at the North Bay Regional Health Centre.

Andrew’s vision for his cancer fundraiser was to raise $10,000 before graduating in 2016 to help offset the cost of cancer treating equipment. He demonstrated leadership among fellow nursing students as he rallied them in bake sales, draws, and other fundraising activities, and inspired them to help their hospital.

Through his fundraising efforts, and donations from the community, Andrew was able to meet his $10,000 goal and contribute to the purchase of cancer-treating equipment.

Peltier, Kerry Lynn

Kerry Lynn Peltier
Bachelor of Arts – Social Welfare and Social Development

Kerry Lynn has been a leader and role model for her peers ever since she began in the Aboriginal Advantage Program in 2011.

As part of the Aboriginal Student Council, Kerry helped to promote upcoming cultural events to students such as the Round Dance at Nbisiing Secondary School and the Annual Powwow here at the university.

As a mentor with the Wiidooktaadwin Mentorship Program, Kerry mentored high school students at Widdifield and Chippewa Secondary schools in cultural based projects and leadership activities.

She is a role model for her peers as she talks about her positive life experiences and healthy lifestyle. She empowers others to participate in and celebrate their culture.



  • Crozier, Christopher
  • McCrory, Evan
  • McKnight, Jason
  • Newman, Hillary
  • Nicolson, Kirsten
  • Saad, Madona
  • Topping, Heather
  • Vickers, Jennifer
  • Warbrick, Montana


  • Brown, Aaron
  • Desa, Suzanne
  • Door-Morin, Cameron
  • Edwards, Alyson
  • Fielding, Meghan
  • Fisher, Meghan
  • Hunt, Kimberley
  • MacLean, Kristen
  • Robidoux, Meghan
  • Saunter, Avery
  • White, Mary


  • Augustin, Kathleen
  • Haddad, Kristi
  • Lapensee, Jemanica
  • Montgomery, Emily
  • Schizkoske, Cassandra



  • Barton, Andrew
  • Johnson, Anna
  • Robinson, Stephanie
  • Scott, Jordan
  • Zaumseil, Blake


  • Burt, Joseph
  • Dunlop, Lauren
  • Fisher, Brittany
  • Kavanagh, Alison
  • Ludlow, Alicia
  • McCormick, Makinna
  • McKeon, Alexandra
  • Morrison, Brittany
  • Patrick, Brent
  • Tempelmans Plat, Kurt
  • Williamson, Janessa


  • Fraser, Johanna
  • Graham, Morgyn
  • McLeod, Allison
  • Mercer, Sara



  • Blanchard, Darian
  • Forrest, Christopher
  • Lessel, Courtney


  • Amyotte, Marquise
  • Davidson, Cole
  • Fitzsimmons, Kayla
  • Gomes, Evan
  • Grist, Corey
  • Hanna, Thomas
  • Lund, Kate
  • Richardson, Dillon
  • Stewart, Kara
  • Stouffer, Samantha
  • Westervelt, Melissa


  • Carman, Marissa
  • DeCarolis, Cassandra
  • Demers, Jenna



  • Braganca, Kailey
  • Roberts, Kathleen
  • Smith, Lindsay
  • Villeneuve, Justin


  • Kennedy, Kendra Ann
  • Kooymans, Carolyn
  • Larocque, Shannen
  • McLeod, Crystal
  • Monteiro, Kristen
  • Morello, Alexandra
  • Mossington, Alicia
  • Partridge, Sarah
  • Plourde-Doran, Mabel
  • Reesor, Rachel
  • Villegas, Gerzon


  • Brear, Tyson
  • Brownlee, Diane
  • Rektor, Kaitlynne
  • Vandekemp, Rebecca
  • Walsh, Sheena



  • Becker, Alayna
  • Curts, Brittany
  • Godfrey, Christopher
  • Moreau, Kerri
  • Nigra, Alison
  • Adamson, Matthew


  • Bulmer, Leslie
  • Cox-Gurdon, Karen
  • Desjardins, Ian
  • Dixon, Alexis
  • Fewkes, Aaron
  • Laplante, Ian
  • Macedo, Andrea
  • Plourde-Doran, Agnes
  • Prusha, Laura
  • Sharpe, Matthew
  • Shaw, Christina


  • Patenaude, Laura



  • Armstrong, Leah
  • Rochon, Andrea


  • Archibald, Alexandra
  • DeCaro, Lynn
  • Dempsey, Lauren
  • Drouillard, Dan
  • Fitzsimmons, Anna
  • Hicks, Stephanie
  • Kucharik, Kris-John
  • Lahti, Ryan
  • Larmer, Erica
  • Plummer, Tamrakay
  • Prince, Trina
  • Sukhai, Andrew


  • Baxter, Anne
  • Gradeen, Lindsey
  • Kumar, Rachael



  • Berdenits, Peter
  • Drouin, Jennifer
  • Dupras, Jason
  • Fuerth, Kaitlyn
  • Hunt, David
  • Keranan, Laura
  • Morris, Matthew
  • Nizam, Natasha
  • Rice, Samantha


  • Adusei, Kwadwo
  • Cameron, Robyn
  • Fortier, Josh
  • Harper, Cindy-Lynn
  • Matiyek, Stephanie
  • Mayer, Laura
  • McManee, Matt
  • Salzman, Kevin
  • Tenute, Hillory
  • Verhaaff, Ashley
  • Lefkimmiatis, Chrissy


  • Carroll, Shawna
  • Chukwuka, Reverend Adolphus
  • Hamill, Megan
  • Martell, Gabrielle
  • Pinkerton, Karla



  • Archambault, Kyle
  • Baxter, Jeffrey
  • Bernardi, David
  • Cox, Samantha
  • Fitzgerald, Scott
  • Hamilton, Kristen
  • Tamlin, Ashley


  • Begy, Courtney
  • Bowers, Kathryn
  • Brown, Alicia
  • Brown, Sara
  • Burlanyette, Courtney
  • De Bruyn, Genevieve
  • Den Haan, Marianne
  • Knapp, Kyra
  • McWhirter, Kaitlin
  • Palmer, Shannon Elissa
  • Plourde-Doran, Emma
  • Rusch, Ursina
  • Samuel, Vicky
  • Standeven, Jessica
  • Wassink, Ian


  • Cousineau, Colette
  • Roy, Claudia
  • Vardy, Kristina



  • Bender, Kyle
  • Don, Caitlin
  • Edmunds, Sherry
  • Evans, Jennifer
  • Ferguson, Kaitlin
  • Hayne, Christie
  • Mathers, Leah
  • Muth, Michelle
  • Vlasov, Bethany


  • Bradberry, Mandy
  • Bradley, Matthew
  • Briggs, Ryan
  • Bubar, Andrew
  • Buzzell, Karen
  • Condotta, Tom
  • Danis, Lynn
  • Drewes, Katie
  • Greene, Brett
  • King, Jodie
  • Lacey, Melissa
  • Lafrance, Nick
  • Marsh, Kyle
  • Morin-Strom, Ingrid
  • Preeper, Tara
  • St. Peter, Jessica
  • Stacey, Megan


  • Butkevich, Joey
  • Carvalho, Amanda



  • Aultman, Angela
  • Baker, Rebecca
  • Baldwin, Carrie
  • Church, Kaitlyn
  • Dorschner, Brittany
  • Doyle, Kathryn
  • George, Haydn
  • Rollins, Caeli
  • Smith, Emma
  • Veevers, Colin
  • Verzijlenberg, Bart
  • Whitehead, Meredith
  • Wood, Kathryn Anne


  • Conty, Melissa
  • Decesco, Jasmine
  • Ince, Simone
  • James, Lindsey
  • Marsh, Kyle
  • Mongeon, Lindsay
  • Muth, Michelle
  • Overholt, Brian
  • Pollock, Ashley
  • Stacey, Megan
  • Stoneman, Madison
  • Toupin-Laforge, Melissa
  • Van Will, Amy
  • Victor, Gemma


  • Livingston, Sheena
  • Ogletree, Melody
  • Shaddock, Jody



  • Burgoyne, Jennifer
  • Desjarlais Wapachee, Alice
  • Hoare, Marc
  • Kennedy, Paul
  • May, Natasha
  • McQueen, Sharon
  • Osburn, Dianne
  • Pepin, Lindsay
  • Pessah, Tammy
  • Robinson, Julia
  • Shields, Robert
  • Snider, Earl
  • Soucie, Tara
  • Taylor, Kristin
  • Thompson, Amy


  • Brown, Holly
  • DeSilva, Oweeny
  • Hass, Brenda
  • Kools, Stacey
  • McGuire-Trahan, Keri
  • Patterson, Tenielle
  • Pecoskie, Lindsey
  • Pitman, Robyn
  • Robertson, Andrew
  • Sodhi, Josmi
  • Stewart, Sandra
  • Wheeler, Leigh Ann


  • Forsman, Courtney
  • Marsden, Mandy
  • McCarthy, Jennifer



  • Borkosky, Alyssa
  • Dunn, Natalie
  • Gravelle, Monique
  • Hogan, Erin
  • Houston, Vanessa
  • Koprowski, Raymond
  • Mahon, Chris
  • Marland, Jennifer
  • O’Hare, Kristen
  • Overholt, Mary
  • Stacey, Derek
  • Stickland, Trudi
  • Tuttle, Heather
  • Wilde, Amber


  • Abreu, Wilson
  • Bean, Aaron
  • Brandon, Amy
  • Breedon, Lindy
  • Cheechoo, Naomi
  • Desbiens, Ryan
  • Drouin, Lisa
  • Etapp Neeposh, Louise
  • Fairbarn, Nadia
  • Frey, Charity
  • Gerecht, Daniel
  • McMeekin, Darcy
  • Perro, Michelle
  • Weir, Andrea
  • Zanella, Shannon


  • Hayne, Christie
  • McDiarmid, Margaret


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