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Crown Ward Students

Are you a Crown Ward interested in studying at Nipissing University?

Information you need to know:

  • Your tuition is subsidized
    • Ontario Access Grant for Crown Wards will cover 50% of your tuition up to $3000
    • Nipissing University will cover the remaining 50% of your tuition up to $3000
  • All first-year students are guaranteed a bedroom in our residences
  • All Crown Wards or former Crown Wards can accesses supports through the Gen 1: First in the Family first generation student program
  • Access any of our Student Development and Services programs

Application and Admissions Support

Nipissing University welcomes applications from Crown Ward students. Not sure where to start? The Admissions Office is her to help you! They can be reached by email at or by phone at 705-474-3461 x 4761. Application and information about admission requirements can also be found at

If you have any extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic grades that you feel should be taken into consideration when we evaluate your application, please fill out the Supplemental Application for Applicants with Extenuating Circumstances​. This information will only be taken into consideration if necessary. Completion of this form is completely voluntary.

Financial Supports

When starting the search for financial supports it’s important to contact the Financial Aid Department for the most up-to-date information on what you qualify for.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services introduced a $500/month Living and Learning Grant (LLG) to extend supports to youth leaving care between the ages of 21 and 25 who are enrolled in post-secondary studies. Students who apply for OSAP are considered automatically for this grant; alternatively, a paper application may be obtained from the OSAP website.

Gen 1: First in the Family

Crown Wards or former Crown Wards can also access support through our Gen 1: First in the Family program. First in the family refers to students whose parent(s)/guardians did not complete college, university, or an apprentice program in Canada.

The First in the Family program aims to ease your transition into university. First in the Family utilizes a Peer Facilitated program to connect students to resources and services available to them in order to assist students in all areas of the student experience. The program creates and connects students to a community of peers through social events, academic workshops, and community involvement. The program provides leadership opportunities within the local community, as well as the Nipissing community.

A First Generation Bursary ($2800) is available to eligible students entering first year from high school; to apply for this funding, you would need to complete the Nipissing University Application for Entrance Awards which is due May 1. Occasionally, this funding is also made available to upper year students; to apply, you would need to self-identify as a first generation student on the Web. The bursary application is posted on WebAdvisor the month of October.

» Learn more about the Gen 1: First in the Family program

Student Development and Services

It is important for all students to visit Student Development and Services to find out more information on the different supports they offer early in their post-secondary transition. Early supports can help you be successful and prevent academic problems from arising later on.

» Find out more about Student Development and Services and the supports offered

Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program provides Nipissing University students access to a dedicated support team to ensure they are academically successful. Registered participants will participate in a structured program focused on retention and persistence which includes: monthly meetings with Academic Success Coaches to develop and revise Academic Success Plans, attending Student Success Workshops​, and completing a capstone project. The goals of the Academic Success Program include: facilitating the development of student academic strategies; encouraging students to self-reflect on academic strengths; providing support for students to achieve academic recovery; and positively impacting the students’ university experience.​

» Find out more about the Academic Success Program

Residence Information

Nipissing University has some of the best residences in Canada! Living in residence is a great opportunity – and is guaranteed to all incoming first-year students at Nipissing University! To find out more about our top ranking residence accommodations and the Residence Life program, visit our webpage.

Crown Ward Education Championship Team

The Crown Ward Education Championship Team is a provincial initiative developed to support students with Crown Wards status in successful high school completion and post-secondary education.

Nipissing University Crown Ward Education Championship Team

To contact the Nipissing University Crown Ward Education Team, email

More information about Nipissing University's partnership with Click for Success can be found here.

Crown Ward Mentor Program - Mentor Job Description

Job Title Crown Ward Program Mentor
Department Student Learning & Transitions
Location North Bay Campus
Functional Supervisor Student Experience Coordinator, First Generation and Transition Programs
Time Commitment 3-5 hours per week
Position Duration September 5, 2017 - April 6, 2018
Honorarium $150/semester


To be given Crown Ward status means that a child or youth has been placed under the care of the government before the age of 16 and where all ties with parents have been severed by court order. Children can become Crown Wards as a result of many different circumstances when their home lives are deemed unsafe, such as the presence of physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse or neglect, parents that are unable to physically or financially care of their children, or those who have no viable family connections to care for them. When these circumstances occur, the child is placed in foster care until the situation can be resolved; if the situation cannot be resolved, the child may be declared a Crown Ward by the courts, and the government assumes legal responsibility of the child until they are 18 years of age. These youth spend their formative years in distinct circumstances and experience unique obstacles, particularly in the pursuit of postsecondary education. As they may not have the familial and financial support and guidance that is invaluable to students who are considering attending a college or university, many do not consider postsecondary education as a viable option.

It is believed that with a greater level of exposure to the postsecondary learning environment, and being partnered with role models, youth will develop skills, increase self-esteem, and learn to believe that postsecondary education is a viable option for their future, and such is the goal for this program.

Job Description/Purpose:

The Crown Ward Mentor Program seeks to advance student experience by providing psychosocial support and skill development opportunities to youth in Grades 11 and 12 with Crown Ward status, before and/or throughout the transition into postsecondary education. Mentors will work as a team to facilitate on-campus initiatives/events (awareness, educational, supportive, or social) designed to help normalize the postsecondary education environment for local youth in care. On-campus activities may include “a day in the life”; campus tour; student panel; workshops and mock lectures; practical and realistic guides to postsecondary education; and equity and diversity events.

Becoming a Crown Ward Mentor is an excellent opportunity for upper-year students to initiate or continue involvement in the academic community while increasing their own leadership, collaborative, and communication skills. A Crown Ward Mentor is a student who is passionate about engaging youth and dedicated to enhancing student experience.

Duties Include:

  • Meet bi-monthly with the Student Experience Coordinator, First Generation and Transition Programs
  • Develop two initiatives/events (awareness, educational, supportive or social) per semester in an effort to create pathways for Crown Wards to seek or successfully complete postsecondary education (Example: “A Day in the Life” event, including mock lecture, note-taking workshops, attending a varsity game, cooking skills, etc)
  • Send a campus-specific update once a month to the Children’s Aid Society and internal stakeholders. Specifically, making sure these groups are aware of campus events and initiatives
  • Attend CWECT-NPS meetings when possible and as class schedules allow
  • Manage and maintain regular postings on Student Learning & Transitions Wordpress
  • Research and identify programming best practices regarding youth with Crown Ward status pursuing postsecondary education
  • Collaborate with internal services and external stakeholders on the development of programming

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Registered Nipissing University student, pursuing at least a part-time course load during each semester you are involved in the program
  • Upper-year student (2nd year and above)
  • Minimum academic standing of 70%
  • Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Mentor/Leadership experience is an asset

Time Commitment:

Crown Ward Mentors will commit to:

  • Approximately 5 hours of services per week, per semester
  • Fall/Winter terms (September-April)

Training and Development:

Orientation Training: Mandatory on-site training for all Mentors will be held during the week of September 5, 2017. Supplemental online training modules may be assigned in Summer 2017 and must be completed by September 8, 2017.

On-going Training: Comprehensive ongoing training workshops throughout the year may be required based on student need and feedback received from events. Mentors may be required attend at least one ongoing training session per semester, which has either been recommended by their supervisor or addresses a particular skill development or learning outcome.


Crown Ward Mentors will be rewarded for their service. Crown Ward Mentors will receive a $150/semester honorarium.

Record of Student Development:

In addition to an honorarium, Crown Ward Mentors who meet the required learning outcomes will be able to add their involvement as a Mentor to their Record of Student Development (RSD). For more information on the RSD, please visit

Competencies and Skills Development:

All Crown Ward Mentor positions are designed to encourage specific skill development outcomes as defined by Record of Student Development. Involvement Outcomes for Crown Ward Mentors are:

  1. Collaboration: Working with others toward a common objective through the sharing of ideas and distribution of responsibilities across team members.
  2. Communication: Effectively using verbal, nonverbal and written formats to convey information. Ensuring that information is well organized and delivered in a clear and concise manner.
  3. Empathy: Demonstrating a deep understanding of others by attempting to experience their thoughts and feelings.
  4. Goal Setting: Setting goals by laying out targeted measurable objectives that have specified time frames for completion. Laying out a course of action to complete an intended objective by identifying tasks and setting deadlines for completion.
  5. Initiative: Taking charge of a situation, voluntarily and unprompted by others, especially when one has the expertise or opportunity to do so or when others are not able to.
  6. Inclusion: Engaging in ways to cultivate a welcoming environment that includes others in roles, processes, and experiences to foster a greater sense of belonging and/or a shared commitment.
  7. Providing Feedback: Offering critiques, confirmations, and/or advice in a manner that is timely and respectful in an effort to improve another person's decisions, effectiveness, productivity, or interactions with others.
  8. Receiving Feedback: Considering feedback from others.
  9. Social Responsibility: Acting in ways that benefit, not detract from, the welfare of society and its members

Application Method and Process

To apply for this position please submit a resume and cover letter referencing the position title and three (3) references to We thank all applicants; however, only those to be considered for an interview will be contacted.

Nipissing University is an equal opportunity employer and will provide accommodation in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.


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