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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) annually collects information in Canada and The U.S. about student participation in programs and activities at post-secondary institutions. The results provide an estimate of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending.

NSSE Mean, Frequency and Statistical Reports

2014 NSSE14 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons (Nipissing University).xlsx(Excel)NSSE14 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2011 NSSE11 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE11 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2008 NSSE08 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE08 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2006 NSSE06 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE06 Mean and Frequency Reports (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)


NSSE Benchmark and Engagement Indicator Comparisons

2014NSSE14 Engagement Indicators (Nipissing University).xlsx(Excel)NSSE14 Engagement Indicators (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2011NSSE11 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE11 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2008NSSE08 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE08 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

2006NSSE06 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).xls(Excel)NSSE06 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Nipissing University).pdf(PDF)

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