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Frequently Asked Questions for Practicum
Q: How do I go about finding a placement?
A: The Practicum Office is responsible for placing all students in the Concurrent Education program.  Students are asked not to contact schools or teachers directly.
Q: Can I request a specific school?
A: The school boards assist us in locating appropriate placements based on the students’ preferred location and their residence.  We cannot request specific schools from the school boards as we are one of many programs requesting placements and such a request would hinder the placement process.
Q: I am a Junior/Intermediate student.  Will I be guaranteed a placement in Grade 9/10? 
A: In the Concurrent Education Program J/I students are not offered the possibility of a 9/10 placement until their final year.  School boards are asked to place J/I students in junior grades, as well as intermediate grades.  As it is difficult to find a teacher who only teaches grade 9/10 in one subject, and we can only place you in your teachable subject.
Q: What year of the program do students in the J/I division have a placement in High School?
A: In the final year of the Concurrent Education Program, school boards are asked to place J/I students in a grade 9/10 placement if possible.
Q: How do we find out about our placement?
A:  All practicum placement details are emailed to your Nipissing email address and posted to your Webadvisor account.  Students are reminded to check these accounts regularly as a great deal of information is communicated through the Nipissing email.
Q: Is my practicum split between different schools and grades in the same year?
A: Your placements during the university year (ie. 2015/16) will take place at the same school and with the same Associate Teacher.  Each year we request a different grade level based on division and in most cases you will be placed in a different school.
Q: Is it possible that I could be placed in the same school for more than one year of the program?
A: It is common that you have more than one placement in the same school.  However, you could be with a different grade and where possible a different associate teacher(s).  It may be to your benefit to list several cities as preferred locations.  It is important also to note that we cannot guarantee your preferred location as the school boards sometimes have to make use of as many locations within their jurisdiction in order to successfully obtain placements.
Q: What school boards can we choose to have our placements occur?
A: At the present time, the Practicum Office makes use of a select number of boards from both the Public and Catholic Schools boards throughout Ontario.
Q: If I am not satisfied with the placement I received, can it be changed?
A: No.  Due to the large number of students and the fact that we work with 52 school boards, it is not possible to accommodate special considerations of individual students.  Your Associate Teacher has been notified of your placement and has planned for your arrival.
Q: Can Practicum schedule be changed?
A: The Practicum schedule cannot be changed.  As part of the Observation & Practice Teaching course, these dates are carefully determined in consultation with:
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Registrar’s Office
  • Schulich School of Education class schedule
The practicum schedule for the Concurrent Education program has been provided to all school boards when requesting Associate Teachers.   Changing placement dates would not only affect the Practicum Office but the following also:
  • Relationships with schools and school boards throughout Ontario
  • Faculty Advisors who are scheduled to supervise Concurrent students throughout their practicum placement
  • Potential scheduling conflicts with Laurier’s Registrar’s Office
  • All Concurrent students
Please keep in mind that school boards themselves are dealing with several universities offering Concurrent and Consecutive programs, whose placement dates are scattered throughout the year.  It is necessary for the school boards to be able to keep track of student teachers within their schools and to do this the practicum dates must be consistent for all student teachers from individual universities.  In order to insure that placements run smoothly and that our good standing with schools and school boards is not jeopardized, students are asked to respect the scheduling of practicum and make every effort to work within the confines of the placement process.
Q: What happens if I miss some of my placement?
A: If you miss any time during your placement due to illness or other reasons, you must inform the Practicum Office, your Faculty Advisor,  as well as the school you are practice teaching with on or before the day of your absence.  Students may be required to make up any time missed during practicum. 


Q: What do I do if I have any questions or concerns regarding a placement?
A: Any concerns that may arise before or during your placement should be immediately brought to the attention of Kelly Bobor-Davidson, Practicum Coordinator (kellybd@nipissingu.ca). 
Q: Do I need to take the Religious Education option course (EDUC 1526)? 
A: Students are encouraged to research the hiring practices of school boards.  In some school boards, preference in practice teaching and/or hiring may be given to candidates with a pre-service Religious Education course.
Q: I want to complete an international placement, should I take the International Teaching option course?
A: You do not have to take the International Teaching option course to be eligible for an international placement.  Remember, that an international placement is an option available to all Concurrent Education students. 
Q: How do I obtain a current Police Vulnerable Sector Check?
A: Police Vulnerable Sector Checks can require a variety of procedures depending on your region.  Please see the following link for specific details:


Q: How am I notified regarding Concurrent practicum updates or additional information?
A:  You will receive notices through your Nipissing email and WebAdvisor accounts.    You will also find information about the Concurrent Education Program and placement information on this website.  The “Practicum” section will also post any information pertaining to your practicum placement and updates.
Q: If I have any questions or concerns regarding practicum, who do I contact?
A:    Kelly Bobor-Davidson, Practicum Placement Coordinator
       kellybd@nipissingu.ca,  519-752-1524 x7500
       Deanne Osborne, Practicum Placement Officer (On Leave)
       deanneo@nipissingu.ca,   519-752-1524 x7502​


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