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Frequently Asked Questions for Associate Teachers
Q: How do I go about becoming an Associate Teacher?


A: In order to become an Associate Teacher, you must fill out a Recruitment Form with your name and grade on it.  These forms are available here.  Also required by Nipissing University, is a principal signature at the bottom of the Recruitment Form.  Once the form is complete, send it to our campus located at 50 Wellington Street, Brantford ON, N3T 2L6 or fax it to 519-752-8372.
Q:  How will I know if there is a Teacher Candidate assigned to my classroom?
A:  The Practicum Office sends a list of placement confirmations to the Principal of the school prior to the students going out into the schools.  If you have yet to hear any confirmation, please check with your principal or call our Practicum Office at 519-752-1524 x 7500.
Q: Who do I contact if I have any concerns or issues in regards to the practicum placement, or student assigned to my classroom?
A:  A Faculty Advisor is assigned to each Teacher Candidate at Nipissing University. Your Teacher Candidate will share the Faculty Advisor contact details with you upon arrival in your classroom.  The Faculty Advisor is the first person you contact if you have any questions or concerns in regards to the practicum or student placed with you.  As well, the Practicum Office is also available to help you if needed.  Please ensure you contact either the Faculty Advisor or Practicum Office immediately if an issue does arise.
Q: How many evaluations do I need to complete for each Teacher Candidate?


A:  A Year 4/5 Teacher Candidate has one final evaluation after each teaching block.  Further evaluation PDF's and details can be found here
Q: I prefer to do the evaluations on the computer, is this possible?
A: Yes it is.  We have an online reporting site that allows for Associate Teachers to type in their comments and submit it electronically to our Practicum Office.  We encourage all Associate Teachers to do their evaluations on our reporting site as we are able to send these evaluations electronically to students, as well as save them online for future use.  The Associate Teacher Support Kit provided by your Teacher Candidate offers step-by-step instructions for Payment Registration and Evaluation process details.  
Q: What if I have a problem or need assistance in using the reporting site?


A: For all help in regards to the reporting site please contact the Practicum Office immediately at 519-752-1524 x 7500 or email brant@nipissingu.ca.  
Q: What are the advantages of having a Nipissing Teacher Candidate in my classroom?


A:  By hosting a Nipissing Teacher Candidate you will be paid $7/day for each Teacher Candidate in your classroom.  (Year 4/5, $140)  Also, Associate Teachers receive a $400 Tuition Credit Voucher that can be used towards a Nipissing Masters or AQ/ABQ Course when they have hosted Nipissing Teacher Candidates for 12 full weeks of supervised practicum (approx. 4 Teacher Candidates). 
Q: Can anyone else use my Tuition Voucher (son/daughter/relative)?
A: No.  The only person that is able to use the Tuition Voucher is the Associate Teacher.
Q: When will I receive payment for the Teacher Candidate in my classroom?
A: All payments are processed on four (4) processing dates throughout the year.  Payment requests will not be sent until the the final evaluation has been received, then payment will be issued on the next available honorarium processing date.  Once the payment report is sent in, the cheques will be mailed to the address provided on the payment form.  The cheques will take approximately 8 weeks to arrive after the next available payment processing date.  If you have yet to receive your cheque after the 8 weeks has passed, please call the Practicum Office as soon as possible.
Q: If I have any questions or concerns regarding practicum, who do I contact?
A:    Kelly Bobor-Davidson, Practicum Placement Coordinator
       kellybd@nipissingu.ca,  519-752-1524 x 7500

       Deanne Osborne, Practicum Placement Officer
       deanneo@nipissingu.ca,   519-752-1524 x 7502​


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