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Brantford Concurrent BEd Junior/Intermediate Academic Program

Course Descriptions for the courses listed below can be found in the Academic Calendar.

  Year 1
Nipissing BEd Courses Consisting of:
  EDUC 4202 Education and Schooling
  EDUC 4218 Curriculum Methods
  EDUC 4651 Observation and Practice Teaching
Year 2
Nipissing BEd Courses Consisting of:
  EDUC 4203 Education Psychology and Special Education
  EDUC 4116 Language Arts
  EDUC 4228 Curriculum Methods
  EDUC 4681 Observation and Practice Teaching
  PSYC 2020 Developmental Psychology for Educators*
Year 3
Nipissing BEd Courses Consisting of:
  EDUC 4117 Language Arts
  EDUC 4238 Curriculum Methods
  EDUC 4691 Observation and Practice Teaching
  SOCI 2091 Sociology for Educators Part 1*
  SOCI 2092 Sociology for Educators Part 2*
Year 4
Nipissing BEd Courses Consisting of:
  EDUC 4314 Music Education
  EDUC 4334 Mathematics Education
  EDUC 4354 Social Studies
  EDUC 4696 Observation and Practice Teaching
Year 5
Nipissing BEd Courses Consisting of:
  EDUC 4308 Visual Arts
  EDUC 4344 Science Education
  EDUC 4324 Health and Physical Education
  EDUC 4697 Observation and Practice Teaching
Optional Elective Subjects
  EDUC 1526 Religious Education in Roman Catholic Schools
  EDUC 4706 Kindergarten: Curriculum Theory and Practice
  EDUC 4807 International Teaching
  EDUC 4806 ESL Across the Curriculum
  EDUC 4986 Education of Native Canadians
  EDUC 4816 Application of Multimedia Technology in Education

Please refer to the Wilfrid Laurier University course calendar for further information on non-Nipissing University courses.

* Grade counts towards Wilfrid Laurier University GPA only.​​​​​​​​​​


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