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Required Courses

KINE 5006 Research Methods in Kinesiology (3 credits)

Students investigate common methodological procedures used in Kinesiology research.

KINE 5007 Statistics in Kinesiology (3 credits)

Students investigate common statistical analyses used in Kinesiology research.

KINE 5206 Integrative Seminar in Kinesiology (3 credits)

Students will be introduced to research within the field of Kinesiology and provided with a forum for interacting about research production and writing. Content will reflect the program’s theme of Kinesiology within Aboriginal and rural populations with an emphasis on a Northern context.

KINE 5453 Research Thesis (18 credits)

Students create and complete a research project under the supervision of their faculty advisor. Students construct a written thesis document and defend their research at an oral defence.

Elective Courses

KINE 5016 Sensory-Movement Behaviour (3 credits)

Students investigate several topics relating to the neurological processes underlying human movement behaviours.

KINE 5017 Biomechanics and Ergonomics (3 credits)

Students examine issues surrounding the quantification of forces that act upon or are produced by the human body in applied, clinical, and laboratory settings.

KINE 5026 Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (3 credits)

Students explore the application of psychosocial concepts and psychological theories to cognitive-behaviour change strategies in individual and group settings.

KINE 5027 Health Promotion (3 credits)

Students examine research methods and intervention strategies in health promotion. Students will explore a variety of research and evaluation strategies including both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with an emphasis on developing a critical understanding of the application of different research strategies to answer specific health promotion questions.

KINE 5036 Behavioural Medicine (3 credits)

Using a bio-psycho-social approach, students will explore the role of health behaviors in the primary prevention and rehabilitation of chronic disease. A special emphasis will be placed on the research and application of behavioural medicine within Northern and rural contexts.

KINE 5037 Advanced Cardiovascular and Environmental Exercise Physiology (3 credits)

Students examine the integration and control of the muscle metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems during exercise with emphasis on how these systems adapt to environmental stress. Current interests in environmental exercise physiology related to the Northeastern Ontario region (e.g. extreme climates, natural resource workers) are explored.

KINE 5106 Special Topics in Kinesiology (3 credits)

Students will engage in an in-depth examination of an advanced topic within the field of Kinesiology. Course availability is based on student demand and the availability of the instructor. This course can only be taken once.

*Note that the course description and learner outcomes will change depending on the instructor and their area of expertise (e.g., Motor Control, Biomechanics, Psychology & Health Promotion, or Physiology).

KINE 5046 Independent Research Project in Selected Topics (3 credits)

In consultation with their faculty supervisor, students complete a research project on a topic related to their area of specialization. This course can only be taken once.

KINE 5047 Directed Readings in Kinesiology (3 credits)

Students complete a directed individual or group reading in a topic area relating to their area of specialization. This course can only be taken once.

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