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MRP/Thesis/Dissertation Final Submission Process

Once the Examination Committee has approved the revised MRP/Thesis/Dissertation, the student must submit to the School of Graduate Studies: 

  1. ​Two usb sticks containing digital copies of the revised MRP, thesis or dissertation (as outlined below) and
  2. (thesis or dissertation only) A digital copy of the revised thesis or dissertation in PDF to Proquest ETD Administrator (as outlined below), and 
  3. Three bound copies of the revised MRP, thesis or dissertation (as outlined below), and 
  4. Supporting documentation for the MRP, thesis or dissertation (as outlined below).

One usb stick and two bound copies will be forwarded to the Library, and one CD and one bound copy will held in the School of Graduate Studies.  

Accepted order​:

The accepted order within the MRP/Thesis/Dissertation for both digital and bound submissions is as follows:

  • Title page
  • Certificate of Examination (provided by SGS)
  • Abstract
    • Acknowledgements (where applicable)
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Tables (where applicable)
    • List of Plates (where applicable)
    • List of Figures (where applicable)
    • List of Appendices (where applicable)
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 (and so forth)
​Please do not include do​​​cuments containing personal contact information or signatures in your digital and bound submission.
Supporting Documentation:
The following supporting documents should be forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies  in an 8.5 x 11 envelope clearly marked with the student's name and number. These documents should include:

Requirements for Digital Submissions: 

  1. ​The digitally reproduced copy must be submitted on usb stick.  The document on the usb stick should appear in both: 
    • Adobe PDF format and
    • The format in which the document was created, for example Microsoft Word.  
Include supplemental files if any (image, video, audio, data sets). Do not use compression or password protection. The burden of the appearance of the document when it is accessed or printed is your responsibility.
​​​      2. Proquest (please note this does not apply to a M.Ed MRP)

Submit the digital thesis or dissertation to ProQuest via ETD Administator.  Click Administrator is a simple, free, web-based system. Students who have not used this system in the past will create an account.  Once logged in, follow the submission steps while noting that students are not required to order bound thesis or dissertation copies from Proquest (see Requirements for Bound Submissions below)

Students will be notified by e-mail, to the e-mail address they provide when creating an account, that their submission has been successfully uploaded, when their submission is being reviewed by the School of Graduate Studies and when their submission has been accepted and forwarded to Proquest.  Students will have the option of accesings their submission and making revisions until the time when a submission is reviewed by the School of Graduate Studies.  Once a submission is being reviewed, students will no longer have this option.  At this point, students must contact the School of Graduate Studies via e-mail to to make a revision.  Once a submission has been reviewed and submitted to Proquest, it can no longer be revised.

Do not submit a digital thesis to ETD Administrator multiple times. 

Requirements for Bound Submissions:

Note the cost of MRP/Thesis/Dissertation binding is the responsibility of the student.


The MRP/Thesis/Dissertation must consist of a sewn volume with 24F Buckram cover.  Gold stamping must be used for the cover and spine.  The cover must be in the specific colour (listed below), with the font Tempo Medium Italic (or similar font), 24pt, in gold stamping. 


MA History






Light Blue




Dark Blue




Hunter Green




Midnight Blue


MSc Math


Dark Brown




Bright Blue


​PhD in Education ​Dissertation ​Black ​​OBV-750


The bookbinders below are aware of the School’s colour and font specifications.


The front cover should read: 

·         The title

·         Author’s name
·         Program
·         Nipissing University
·         Year of completion of MRP/Thesis/Dissertation  


Binder’s contact information 


University of Toronto Bookstore 

Brenda Beal 

Book POD Coordinator 

214 College Street Toronto, ON M5T 3A1 

T: 416-640-5849 

F: 416-640-5336 


Van Huizen Book Binder & Finishing Ltd.
8 Hiscott St.

St. Catherines, ON L2R 1C6

Phone: (905) 682-1221

Fax: (905) 682-4814



Commercial Bookbinding

3011 Markham Rd.

Scarborough, ON M1X 1L7

phone: (416) 291-9300



Sample MRP/Thesis documents:



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