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MRP/Thesis Defence Process

The thesis or MRP is a culmination of all of the work and effort that goes into researching and preparing for a graduate degree.  Details regarding the content and formatting of the thesis/MRP are available from the program’s microsite or from your Research Supervisor.

The thesis/MRP defence process is coordinated by the Graduate Coordinator/Chair in consultation with the School of Graduate Studies.

The following is a general description of the defence process:

1.    Prior to the submission deadline, the Supervisor will begin the process of establishing an Examination Committee by providing the names of External Examiners to the Graduate Coordiantor/Chair.

2.    The Graduate Coordinator/Chair will contact and confirm the External Examiner.

3.    The School of Graduate Studies will make arrangements for the date, time and location of the defence.

4.    The School of Graduate Studies will announce the titles and dates of defence so that interested faculty and students may attend.

5.    On the submission deadline date a PDF copy of the Thesis/MRP will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies which will then forward a copy to each of the Examination Committee members.

6.    One week prior to the date of defence, the External Examiner’s report will be received by the School of Graduate Studies.

N.B.  If the External Examiner has serious concerns, the Thesis/MRP defence maybe postponed.

During the Defence:

1.    The Chair of the Examination Committee will deliver a brief introduction and will clarify the procedures and/or agenda of the examination process.

2.    Depending on the guidelines of the program, the Student will make a presentation on the MRP/T​hesis, about 20 to 40 minutes in duration.

3.    The Examination Committee will ask questions.  The order of the questions will vary between programs.  The questions will normally occur in rounds, with each examiner asking one question per round. The question period will normally last 1 to 2 hours.

4.    Questions from the public (if applicable) are held until after the questions from the Examination Committee have been answered.

5.    After the questioning has been completed the Examination Committee will deliberate in camera to decide on the outcome of the defence and complete the Examination Committee Report form.

6.    After deliberations the Examination Committee Chair will inform the student of the outcome.

7.    At the time of defence, all members of the Examination Committee will sign the Examination Committee Report and the Signature Page except for the Supervisor. The Supervisor will sign the Signature Page when the Thesis/MRP revisions, if any, have been completed satisfactorily.


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