French Language Proficiency Test Registration Form​

French Language Proficiency Test Proctor Form​

It is absolutely essential that candidates provide the Registrar's Office with an e-mail address so they can receive information about proctoring, the test's availability period and how to log in.

The on-line FSL proficiency test is presented as a ‘course’ on Blackboard and is made available to test takers for specific weeks during the testing period. Each section of the test is timed separately.

Description of Test

  • LISTENING: candidates will listen to an audio clip(s) and provide a written composition to demonstrate comprehension and writing skills.  The composition will be evaluated for content and quality of language.
  • READING: candidates will read the passage and answer the corresponding questions.  The reading passages are at the approximate reading level of a francophone newspaper similar to the Toronto Sun.
  • WRITING: candidates will respond to the text with a justified opinion piece.

  • Oral Component:

  • ​​SPEAKING: candidates will respond to a series of questions provided aurally through the computer by recording their answers in a voicemail message while in the presence of their proctor.

  • The passing mark is 70% on the oral component and 70% on the written component (combination of all three sections.)  Candidates who fail the test are allowed to retake the component(s) that they failed once within the year of their first attempt.  

    Please note if a candidate fails the written component, all three sections, LISTENING, READING, and WRITING must be retaken. If candidates pass the test but do not enroll in courses immediately, their test results will be valid for one calendar year.  Students cannot be retested in the same testing period as the first attempt.  Results will be sent to the email address you have provided.


In order to maintain the integrity of the testing process, on-line candidates for FSL, Part I, must find a proctor to observe them while they do the test. Proctors may be a Principal, a Vice-Principal, a certified teacher or a university faculty member. Prospective proctors must complete the Proctor Confirmation Form and fax it directly to the Registrar’s Office before the candidate takes the test.

Test Locations

Candidates and their proctors can determine a test location that suits them. Please indicate the selected location on the Proctor Confirmation Form.

Technical Requirements

The test can be taken on a Mac or Windows computer system that has speakers. Headphones may also be used. You will also need telephone access for one portion of the test.

Candidates must know how to create accented characters. It is strongly recommended that candidates test this ahead of time using the same system you will be using for the on-line test. If using a standard desktop system, then the .pdf files posted below can be helpful. 

Adding Accented French Characters in Windows [89 KB]


Adding Accented French Characters in Mac OS [53 KB]

Please make sure that you have the current version of Adobe Reader installed.

Using Laptops

However, if the computer is a laptop, it is essential that you know how to activate the laptop’s special characters feature. How this works varies depending on the make and model of the laptop. If you do not know how to do this with the laptop you plan to use, an on-line search should call up this information. Once you have found it, TEST the system’s method of generating the characters. You do not want to discover that the instructions do not produce the desired results after you have started your test.

NOTE: The ONLY resource that candidates may use during the test is a list of keyboard codes that create accents. You may download and print out the list from the links at the bottom of this page.

After Registration

Once you have paid for your test, you will receive an e-mail message that provides direction on how to log in and when the test will become available. It is strongly recommended that you test the log in credentials as soon as possible, using the system you plan to use for the test

As well, all candidates are enrolled in the “FSL Exam - Demo”. This is actually a course set up in Blackboard which allows you to determine if the system you plan to use can interact successfully with the various portions of the on-line proficiency test. Please explore this demo to ensure that you can hear the audio, interact with a quiz and insert special characters. You may test any portion of the demo as many times as you wish.

For assistance with technical issues, please email or call UTS at (705) 474-3450 ext. 4342.