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Degree Completion for College Graduates

We offer advanced standing credit opportunities toward a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree to students who have already obtained a college diploma.
​​The online material is developed and delivered by leading university faculty and gives the student the flexibility to study within a framework that suits their schedule throughout the week.
​​Nipissing University has formed partnerships with some of Ontario's top community colleges to offer an innovative BBA and BComm degree programs.
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Off campus at Designated sites or Online

Nipissing University offers 2 innovative business degree programs (BComm and BBA) in 5 cities outside of our main North Bay campus.

Graduates from one of our partnership colleges have the opportunity to continue studying at that campus while they upgrade earn a to a university degree in as little as 12 months. As an applicant you can apply to either the BComm or BBA program but have the flexibility to change programs if you change your mind. For example, if you apply to the BComm degree because you do not feel that you can dedicate the time to complete your BBA, this option remains open for you. The reverse is also possible, giving you complete flexibility.​​​​​​​​​​

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The Degree Completion for College Graduates Program is part of the Nipissing University's Distance Programs. By clicking the links below, you will be redirected to the Distance program webpages.

Click here for more information about Bachelor of Business Administration transfer credit eligibility

Click here for more information about Bachelor of Commerce transfer credit eligibility

Earn a University Degree:

Click here to apply for the Bachelor of Commerce/BBA Distance Learning program

Do you have a college diploma
but want to study at our North Bay campus?

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Commerce (BComm)

Our business degrees are currently offered in the cities listed below with most locations being partnered with several of Ontario's top community colleges.

  • Ottawa - Algonquin College (Woodroffe campus)
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake – Niagara College (NOTL Campus)
  • Windsor - St. Clair College (South campus)
  • Scarborough - Centennial College (Progress campus)
  • Sarnia - Lambton College (Main campus)
  • Distance Learning Program - Online

If you would like us to send you an information package, please fill out and submit the form here.

Certificate in Financial Services

In addition to core requirements, students in a Bachelor of Commerce may complete a certificate in Financial Services. Students may use 18 credits of electives to satisfy the certificate requirements. Learn More...

Certificate in Human Resources Management

In addition to core requirements, Business students complete a Certificate in Human Resource Management. Students must use 15 credits of specific electives to satisfy the Certificate requirements. Learn More...

Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate

In addition to core requirements, students in a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree program may complete a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance. Students should refer to the academic calendar to view the academic requirements and courses required to graduate with this certificate. Learn More...

Financial Product Sales Professional Certificate

In addition to core requirements, students in a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Commerce degree program may complete a Certificate in Financial Product Sales. Students should refer to the academic calendar to view the academic requirements and courses required to graduate with this certificate. Learn More...

CPA Logo

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA)

Nipissing University offers all of the required courses for the single accounting designation with the Chartered ~Professional Accountants Ontario. BBA Accounting students are given advanced standing by the designation. This will let you enroll directly as a student member of the designation associations upon graduation! Students will then complete the practical work experience and specific professional examination requirements to qualify for their designation. Nipissing works with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) to ensure our courses are aligned with their learning outcome requirements.

CPA pathway for BBA students


Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)

Students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources Management have the opportunity to complete all of the courses required to satisfy the prescribed coursework requirements for the two designations. The School of Business has worked with the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPA) to ensure our courses are aligned with their learning outcomes requirements. If you are interested in becoming a student member of the HRPA, North Bay also has its very own chapter. The North Bay Chapter represents a large geographical area and its HR practitioner members provide services to a diverse spectrum of industries.


Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)

Formerly known as the Certified Professional Purchasers designation (CPP), graduates from Nipissing’s BBA degree program can obtain advanced standing toward earning the SCMP designation. The accreditation program leading to the Certified SCMP designation is the most comprehensive in the field of supply chain management and is balanced to deliver advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level business skills.

Nipissing's business degree completion program uses a variety of delivery formats, which includes:

  • Standard 3 hour lectures
  • Synchronous online learning
  • Asynchronous online learning
  • Blended delivery format

Our variety of delivery formats give students the flexibility to earn their business degree in an innovative way that is different from the traditional in class only learning model.

Many courses will make extensive use of a unique 'blended delivery' approach that combines online learning activities augmented by in-class tutorial sessions. This delivery method offers you the flexibility that online learning offers combined with the advantage of classroom tutorials with your fellow classmates.

The online material is developed and delivered by leading university faculty and gives students the flexibility to study within a framework that suits their schedule throughout the week.

Tutorial sessions are led by course facilitators who may be academics or industry professionals. Course Facilitators help students to understand the material in a comfortable classroom setting where students can ask questions and discuss concepts with their classmates.

​Class Schedules Winter Term 2017

Algonquin (Ottawa)

Section 822 – Algonquin (Ottawa)
  Course Time Room CF/Lecturer
Mon ACCT-4817​ Corporate Taxation 6.00pm - 9.00pm B164 Jesse Lowe
FINC-3116 Financial Management (I) 6:00pm - 9:00pm SYNC (841) Tim Hutchison
Wed ​ TMGT-3856 Information Systems 5:00pm - 7:00pm T130 Ric Glowienka/David Plouffe
​ADMN-3056 ​Economic and M​​anagement Decision Making ​7:00pm - 9:00pm ​T130 ​Shawn Sutton/Natalie Guriel
​Thurs ​ ​MKTG-2127 ​Marketing for Managers ​5:00pm - 7:00pm ​T302 ​Ryck Marciniak/Emily Chen-Bendle
​ADMN-2306 ​Business Ethics ​7:00pm - 9:00pm ​T302 Anne Neal/Tim D'Souza

Centennial (Scarborough)

Section 826 – Centennial (Scarborough)
  Course Time Room CF/Lecturer
M​on ​ ACCT-4817 Corporate Taxation 6:00pm - 9:00pm SYNC (841) Susan Deakin
​ACCT-4827 ​Financial Management (I) ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Tim Hutchison
Tues​ ​ADMN-2606 ​Business Statistics ​6:00pm - 9:00pm​ ​SYNC (841) ​Anahita Baregheh
​Wed ​TMGT-3856 ​Information Systems ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Linda Ranta
​ADMN-3056 ​Economics and Management Decision Making ​5:00pm - 7:00pm ​L2-17 Perry Smith/Natalie Guriel

Lambton (Sarnia)

Section 823 – Lambton (Sarnia)
  Course Time Room CF/Lecturer
Mon ACCT-4817 Corporate Taxation 6.00pm - 9.00pm SYNC (841) Susan Deakin
FINC-3116 Financial Management 6:00pm - 9:00pm SYNC (841) Tim Hutchison
Tue ADMN-2606 Business Statistics 6.00pm - 9.00pm K205 Daniel Bittman
Wed​ ​TMGT-3856 ​Information Systems ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Linda Ranta
​Th​ur​s ​ MKTG-2127 ​Marketing for Managers ​5:00pm - 7:00pm ​K205 ​Paul Newton/Emily Chen-Bendle​
ADMN-3056 ​Economics and Management Decision Making ​7:00pm - 9:00pm ​K207 ​Marshall Kern/Tim D'Souza
881 ADMN-3917 Creativty for Innovation Distance Distance ​Neil Mathur

Niagara (NOTL)

Section 828 – Niagara (NOTL)
  Course Time Room CF/Lecturer
Mon ACCT-4817 Corporate Taxation 6:00pm-9:00pm SYNC (841) Susan Deakin
​FINC-3116 ​Financial Management (I) 6:00pm-9:00pm
​SYNC (841) ​Tim Hutchison
​Tues ​ADMN-2606  ​Business Statistics ​6:00pm-9:00pm E203 ​Jeff Timko
Wed​ ​TMGT-3856 ​Information Systems ​6:00pm-9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Linda Ranta
​Thurs ​MKTG-2127 ​Marketing for Managers ​5:00pm-7:00pm ​W306 ​Wolf Guemble/Emily Chen-Bendle
​ADMN-3056 Economics and Management Decision Making​ ​7:00pm-9:00pm ​W306 ​David Veres/David Veres
​​8​81 ​ ​ADMN-3917 ​Creativity for Innovation ​Distance ​Distance ​Neil Mathur
​ORGS-1136 ​Intro to Organizational Behaviour ​Distance ​Distance ​David Haringa

St. Clair (Windsor)

Section 829 – St. Clair (Windsor)
  Course Time Room CF/Lecturer
Mon ​ ACCT-4817 Corporate Taxation 6:00pm - 9:00pm 270 Tim Cox
ADMN-3116​ Financial Management (I)​ ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Tim Hutchison
​Tues ​ ​ADMN-4206 ​International Management ​5:00pm - 7:00pm ​270 ​Keith Henry/Tariq Shameem
​ADMN-3056 Economics and Management Decision Making​ ​7:00pm - 9:00pm ​270 ​Keith Henry/Chantal McPhee
​Wed ​TMGT-3856 ​Information Systems ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​SYNC (841) ​Linda Ranta
Thurs​ ​ADMN-2606 ​Business Statistics ​6:00pm - 9:00pm ​270 ​John Younan
881​ ​ORGS-1136 ​Intro to Organizational Behaviour ​Distance Distance​ ​David Haringa

Textbook Listing

Before purchasing course materials, ensure you are ordering the correct items.

Course Listing

Your courses will vary depending on the area of study within your diploma program. Select the institution and program below to see the courses required to complete the BComm.

** Please note that the program plans are for students completing the College Partnership Program as a full time student. If you are completing the degree program as a part time student, please consult the Academic Calendar for your requirements.

Online Course Listing

New Student Orientation Workshop 2016

Business Math Prep Course

Advanced Standing Information

Academic Support Services

Our goal is to support your academic and personal development. Look for assistance with accessibility services, learning style assessments, writing skills, writing formats, study strategies, time management, note-taking skills, academic resources, group seminars, peer support, career development activities, and more. Learn More...

Financial Support Services

Achieve your goals on time and on budget. We’ll help you fund your education through scholarships, awards, bursaries, government assistance, and work study programs. Learn More...

Scholarships, awards and bursaries for students in College Partnership program

Internationalize your Degree

If you want to experience a year or a semester at one of our partner schools across the globe, we have support services and programs to help you get there. If you want to assist International students with adjusting to life in Canada, we’ll connect you. Check out your options...

Personal Counselling Services

Our registered counsellors offer free, year-round personal counselling services, specialized therapeutic groups, referral services and a host of wellness, educational and awareness events to all full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Learn More...

Leadership and Community Engagement

If you are eager to get involved beyond the classroom, take part in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, which gives you the opportunity to present your work to peers, professors, and family members. You may also have opportunity to work as a Research Assistant to help a professor conduct research and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Record of Student Development

Involvement and experiential learning lead to more personal and academic success by connecting classroom learning to real world experience. Volunteer on your campus and within the community and be officially recognized for all that you do. The Record of Student Development (RSD) documents that you have completed a series of involvement outcomes that all employers are looking for. Achieving all the competencies associated with the RSD will help you communicate the depth of your experiences as you apply to career opportunities.

Employers are looking for people with the following proven abilities:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Teamwork

To register and see the full list of RSD competencies visit

Student Union

Students attending Nipissing University in North Bay and long distance students are members of the Nipissing University Student Union. Our organization strives to represent students democratically, provide a communication framework, and lobby for legislative change on issues that affect students.


Exercise and healthy competition always help to clear the mind.


Nipissing’s Athletics Department offers a wide range of intramural activities to keep you on your game


Club sports are available to all Nipissing students and are both recreational and competitive.


Go Lakers! Our varsity athletes always bring their “A” game. Get your friends together and come out to cheer on your favourite teams.


Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a weekend warrior, Nipissing has just what you need.


Prasad Ravi

 Program Manager


Mallory Pepin

The goal of a business education should be more than just a piece of paper. At Nipissing, you are not just a name and number to your professors. You have ongoing discussions and dialogue with them about not only the course content but how that relates and interacts with the headlines and stories that are occurring on Main Street, Bay Street, Sussex Drive and the rest of the world. These discussions, which occur not just in the classroom, make Nipissing a great place for business. When you take Nipissing business courses, you become part of a community that cares, a family that supports and guides you on whatever educational & career path you choose.

Craig Perry, BA '08, BEd '09

My BBA Degree from Nipissing University prepared me to successfully become a Chartered Accountant (CA). The professors at Nipissing University provided me with guidance and mentoring after graduation in preparation of writing my accounting exams. The knowledge and skills obtained through my studies at Nipissing University has allowed me to work anywhere in the world. I am presently employed by an accounting firm on the subtropical island of Bermuda, spending my spare time scuba diving the ship wrecks around the island and spending weekends on the beach. My experience at Nipissing University has enabled me to meet many wonderful people as well as providing me an opportunity to gain valuable international business exposure.

Jaynie Wallace - BBA (Hons) Nipissing University, MBA, CA

Graduates of the Nipissing University School of Business enjoy a high employment rate and have been very successful in their professional designation examinations. Whether you want to pursue an MBA or other graduate studies, join the work force, or get your Bachelor of Education and become a teacher, you will become a valuable asset to any organization in your community, at home or abroad.

Career and Academic Options

  • Graduate Studies
  • Professional School (Education, Law, MBA)
  • Careers in management, accounting, taxation, e-commerce, government services, human resources, marketing, banking and international investment
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