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Dr. Wendy Peters

Dr. Wendy Peters
​Dr. Wendy Peters
Faculty of Arts & Science - Chair, Gender Equality & Social Justice, Assistant Professor
office: A310
email: wendyp@nipissingu.ca
tel: 705.474.3450
ext: 4889
fax: 705.474.1947
web: Wendy Peters Website


BA, University of Winnipeg;
MA, University of Toronto;
PhD, University of Toronto


Peters, W. (forthcoming). Re-narrating Illness: The Pedagogy of the Rejected Body. In Batacharya, S. & Wong, R. (Eds.) Embodiment, Pedagogy and Decolonization: Critical and Materialist Considerations. Under contract with Athabasca University Press. 
Peters, W. (2016). Contours of the Closet: Conceptualizing Straight / Gay on Teen TV. FlowTV: A Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture, 22(5). URL: http://www.flowjournal.org/2016/03/contours-of-the-closet/
Peters, W. (2016). Bullies and Blackmail: Finding Homophobia in the Closet on Teen TV. Sexuality & Culture (iFirst, February 5 2016). For those with university access this article is currently available online ahead of ​the print version at http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12119-016-9336-3
Peters, W. (2016) Victim + bully = love. FlowTV: A Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture, 22 (3). URL: http://www.flowjournal.org/2016/01/victim-bully-love/
Peters, W. (2015). Teen TV’s post-closet and postracial fictions. FlowTV: A Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture, 22 (1). URL: http://flowtv.org/2015/10/teen-tvs-post-closet-and-postracial-fictions/
Peters, W. (2011). Pink dollars, White collars: Queer As Folk, valuable viewers, and the price of gay TV. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 28 (3): 193-212. (6% acceptance rate). For those with university access this article is online at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15295036.2011.559478
Peters, W. (2009). “It feels more like a parody”: Canadian Queer As Folk viewers and the show they love to complain about. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 13 (1): 15-24. For those with university access this article is online at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07380560802314094

Above article was invited for reprint in S. E. Cooper (Ed.) (2010) Lesbian Images in International Popular Culture. Routledge: New York, NY.

Peters, W. (2005). Queer identities: Rupturing identity categories and negotiating meanings of queer. Canadian Woman Studies / les cahiers de la femme, 24 (2/3): 102-107.

Peters, W. (2003). Pretty, witty and White: Disrupting hetero-normalcy and reinventing privilege on Queer As FolkCanadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 22 (2): 135-137.

Peters, W. (1999). T.V.’s not evil, I am. broken pencil, 11 (Fall), 28.


Independ​ent Publications / Zines


The following listings are independent publications made for small-scale distribution.

Women’s Studies Studies Union (Eds.) (2005). The Cut’n’Paste Yearbook. ASSU: Toronto, ON. Conceptualized, co-ordinated and created this independent publication on behalf of and together with members of the Women’s Studies Student Union.

Peters, W., Bourgeois, M., Odette, F. & L. Dolmage (Eds.). (2001). Dis’n’tangle. 72 pages. Rainbow Alliance: Toronto, ON. An independent publication concerning queerness and disability. This zine is presently required reading on the syllabi for two University of Toronto courses: Theorizing Deviant Bodies and Gender and Disability.

Peters, W. (2000). Foucault: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. Beating Around the Bush, 1, (Fall). Publication funded by Pussy Willow Womyn’s Health Collective and OPIRG: Toronto, ON.

Peters, W. & Pearce, L. (Eds.). (1999) doubleshift: Ladies Home Journal of Feminist Activism. 52 pages. Becky Lives: Winnipeg, MB. This zine received an excellent review in broken pencil magazine (Fall 1999, issue 11, pg. 35).

Peters, W. (1998) I-Rate. 10 pages. A zine concerned with the struggles of applying to graduate schools. 


Courses Taught:

  • GEND 2056 - Reality TV and the Politics of Difference

  • GEND 2166 - Women, Media and Representation

  • GEND 2217 - Gender and the Media

  • GEND 4205 - Honours Seminar


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