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Dr. Jeffrey Overall

photo of Dr. Jeffrey Overall

​Dr. Jeffrey Overall

Faculty of Applied & Professional Studies - School of Business, Assistant Professor
office: H121
ext: 4240


I joined the strategy and policy area of the Nipissing University School of Business in 2015. I currently teach: management decision-making, strategy, and international management. As part of my service obligations, I’ve sat on the department hiring committee and various Senate subcommittees. I’ve also co-founded a student discussion group on campus.

Prior to my role at Nipissing University, I held assistant professorship positions in the entrepreneurship and strategy departments at Ryerson University and Leibniz Universität Hannover. I have also taught at the St. Petersburg Polytechinical University in Russia and the University of Bradford School of Management in Britain.

Beyond my academic experience, I have nearly 20 years of experience working directly with entrepreneurs within start-ups and SMEs across various sectors and countries. This includes eight years of international social entrepreneurship experience. In this role, I co-founded two social enterprises that provide impoverished children in rural Nepal with educational subsidies. In addition to this, I have several years of international management experience within an international business-to-business context. Specifically, I was the value-chain manager for a start-up within the automotive industry. In this position, I was responsible for the supply-chain that included manufacturing facilities in Far East Asia and the marketing with accounts in China, United States, Mexico, and Germany. I have also participated in various consulting projects with the University of Bradford, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, and the Boston Consulting Group.​


B.Comm (Hons), Ted Rogers School of Management Ryerson University;
MBA, University of Phoenix;
PhD, Bradford University School of Management

Areas of Specialization:

Sustainability, entrepreneurship, and strategy

Research Interests:

Entrepreneurship, strategy, and sustainability

Current & Future Research:

I conduct research in the intersection of three main areas: (a) entrepreneurship, (b) sustainability, and; (c) strategy. In the field of entrepreneurship, I’m currently involved in various projects ranging from the entrepreneurial decision-making process and entrepreneurial success. In my strategic management research, I’m currently working on projects involving organizational success and failure. In my sustainability research, I’m currently completing projects involving unethical decision-making, the rational egoism philosophical framework, and the morality of capitalism. Since 2015, I have 25 publications including 14 in refereed journals.


Referred Publications (Peer Reviewed)

McMillan, C. and Overall, J.S. (forthcoming) Crossing the Chasm and Over the Abyss: Perspectives on Organizational Failure. Academy of Management Perspectives. Accepted for publication and in press.

Overall, J.S. (forthcoming) All around the mulberry bush: A theory of cyclical unethical behaviour. International Journal of Business and Globalisation. Accepted for publication and in press.

Overall, J.S. Gedeon, S. and Valliere, D. (forthcoming) What can universities do to promote entrepreneurial intent? International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing. Accepted for publication and in press.

Overall, J.S. (2017) CSR and CRM: The impact on consumer purchase intentions. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 11(3), pp. 252-270.

Overall, J.S. (2017) Combating rural poverty through altruism: A model for sustainable education. World Review of Entrepreneurship Management and Sustainable Development, 13(1), pp. 69-83.

Overall, J.S. (2017) Practice what you preach: The failure of the welfare state and the discovery of total equality through capitalism. International Journal of Public Policy, 13(1/2), pp. 69-85.

Overall, J.S. (2016) The dark side of entrepreneurship: A conceptual framework of cognitive biases, neutralization, and risky entrepreneurial behaviour. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 22(2), pp. 1-12.

McMillan, C. Overall, J. (2016) Management Relevance in a Business School Setting: A Research Note on an Empirical Investigation. The International Journal of Management Education, 14(2), pp. 187-197.

Overall, J.S. Wise, S. (2016) The antecedents of entrepreneurial success: The importance of travel. Journal of Enterprising Culture, 24(3), pp. 1-33.

Overall, J.S. (2016) Unethical behavior in organizations: empirical findings that challenge CSR and egoism theory. Business Ethics: A European Review, 25(2), pp. 113-127.

Overall, J.S. (2016) Cyclical workplace stress and employee pathology: A conceptual framework. International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion, 7(2), pp. 98-103.

Overall, J.S. (2015) Stop drinking the Kool-Aid: The academic journal review process is broken, let’s fix it. Journal of Academic Ethics, 13(3), pp. 277-289.

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Overall, J.S. Wise, S. (2015) An S-curve model of the start-up lifecycle through the lens of customer development. The Journal of Private Equity, 18(2), pp. 23-34.

Other Referred Contributions (Peer Reviewed) 

Carton, G., McMillan, C. Overall, J. (2016) Institutional change in higher education and rent-seeking in business schools. 2016 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference.

Overall, J.S. (2016) The selfish gene and bounded rationality: The implications for rational egoism. The Association of Private Enterprise Education 41st Annual Conference.

Overall, J.S., Cornelius, N., Wallace, J. (2014) The Conflicting Nature of Normative CSR: A Critical look through the Lens of Altruism and Rational Egoism. 9th Annual Philosophy of Management Conference 2014

Overall, J.S., Wallace, J., & Cornelius, N. (2013) A Model of the Institutional Ethical Framework, Ethical Leadership and their Communication to Stakeholders. 73rd Academy of Management Conference.;2013/1/17110&cited-by=yes&legid=amproc;2013/1/17110 

McMillan, C., Overall, J.S. (2013) Playing It Safe: The MBA Curriculum and Wicked Problems - An Exercise in Disruptive Change in Management Learning. EFMD 2013 Conference. 

Non-Referred Contributions 

Overall, J.S., Cornelius, N., Wallace, J. (forthcoming) Enhancing corporate accountability and stakeholder engagement through the UN Guiding Principles: A Conceptual Framework. In A Relational Approach to Stakeholder Engagement: A Research Anthology. Edited by A. Lindgreen, F. Maon, J. Vanhamme, B. Palacios Florencio, C. Strong, and C. Vallaster. Ashgate Publishings. London: UK.

Overall, J.S. (forthcoming) The ethics of mass surveillance: An anarchist, objectivist, and critical theorist perspective, to Ethics and Information Technology. Journal of Information Ethics. Accepted for publication and in press.

McMillan, C. Overall, J. (2016) Wicked Problems and the Misalignment of Strategic Management Design. Journal of Business Strategy, 37(1), pp. 34-43.

Overall, J.S. (2016) In Canada, do we discriminate against the rich? National Observer.

Overall, J.S. (2016) Millennials' sense of entitlement might be just what health system needs. The Hill Times

Overall, J.S. (2017) High-speed rail: Shrinking the rural/ruban divide. The Canadian Business Journal, 10(8), pp. 48-52.

Overall, J.S. (2015) The myths of unethical behaviour: What managers need to know. Ivey Business Journal 

Courses Taught:

ADMN 3056 
ADMN 4206 
ADMN 4606 
ADMN 4607 ​
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